Associate Professor
Department of Economics
McGill University




Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don't: Two Masters (with David K. Levine and Salvatore Modica), Journal of Economic Theory, (2018). [Preprint Copy] [Article]

Collusion Constrained Equilibrium (with David Levine and Salvatore Modica), Theoretical Economics, (2018). [Article (Free!)] [Supplementary Appendix]

Entertaining Malthus: Bread, Circuses and Economic Growth (with David Levine, Nicholas Papageorge and Lemin Wu)Economic Inquiry, (2018). [Preprint Copy] [Article[Supplementary Appendix]

Joint Search with No Information: An Immediate Agreement Theorem, Economics Letters, (2017). [Preprint Copy] [Article]

Dynamic Commitment Games, Efficiency and Coordination (with Ryosuke Ishii), Journal of Economic Theory, (2016). [Preprint Copy] [Article]

Inferring Rationales from Choice: Identification for Rational Shortlist Methods (with Sean Horan), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, (2015).  [Preprint Copy] [Article]

Bargaining with Revoking Costs, Games and Economic Behavior, (2012).  [Preprint Copy] [Article]

Working Papers:

Interventions when Social Norms are Endogenous: A Critique (with David K. Levine and Salvatore Modica), New, August 2018.
(This is a significantly revised version of an earlier paper circulated under the title: Peer Monitoring, Ostracism and the Internalization of Social Norms.)

On Inducing Agents with Term Limits to Take Appropriate Risk (with Pierre-Yves Yanni), August 2017.

Collusion, Randomization and Leadership in Groups, (with David Levine and Salvatore Modica), April 2015 .
(The first half of this paper has been superseded by Collusion Constrained Equilibrium.)

Teaching: (Winter 2018)

Econ 250D2, Econ 546, Econ 720.