Portlets - JPDK & JSR-168

Here are a few portlets that I have developed during my spare time.

Java Telnet Portlet

The Java Telnet Portlet allows a user to access a telnet server from within a portal page. The Java Telnet Portlet encapsulates the JTA Applet which is additionally signed, in order to be able to access the telnet hosts.

The JTA Applet is provided under the GPL v2.0 license, and thus, this portlet is also provided under the same licensing terms.

This portlet is available both as a Oracle Java PDK portlet as well as a JSR 168 compliant portlet.

Project Sources

This project is hosted on Google Code and is available here.  Currently I have hosted the JPDK version, and am in the processing of moving the JSR 168 version too onto this site.


Java Telnet Portlet - JPDK

Java Telnet Portlet JSR168