My Contributions to the Netbeans Community


This page lists the modules that I built for the Netbeans IDE, because I wanted them. These modules are provided under LGPL licensing terms and conditions. You may acquire the source from the repository hosted on Google Code.

If you run into any issues, please feel free to file a bug on the project's issues page.

I hope my plugins, though simple in nature, benefit you in the same way as they have benefited me.



Import Sources Module

The Import Sources module ("File -> Import Sources") allows the user to import source files from the file system into any of the currently open Netbeans projects. The key point here is that you can pick and choose which files need to be imported and which shouldn't.

Plugin in action

Tail File Module

This module provides an option (Tools -> Tail File ...) to tail a selected file and display the data in a tab within the Output window of the IDE.

Plugin in action



Import Source Module

Tail File Module

Update Center URL

Update Center URL: 


 You can either download the individual module and import it into the IDE, or you can just create a new Update Center with the above mentioned URL and get any bug-fixes / updates automatically. 


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