…by runners for runners.

We have a very broad experience of organising and participating in running events and feel we know what it takes to make a running event special. In addition, you'll find most of our events out of the ordinary or different in some respect. We aim:

  • To give you events that will inspire and motivate you
  • To challenge you
  • To broaden your running experience and help you acquire new skills
  • To give you that nice warm glow of satisfaction you get when you’ve done something special
  • To put a smile on your face

We also believe that:

  • every participant is important (and not just the quick ones)
  • a fast and efficient results service is essential, giving printed results at the end of the event and web based results the same day
  • the race route is key to running satisfaction - it needs to be interesting, varied, scenic and challenging (where appropriate)

We also aspire to bring you good event organisation and some great venues.