Marathon and Half Marathon - Shepperdine

Shepperdine Marathon and Half Marathon - Sunday 25th April 2021

FINAL DETAILS for all competitors


The start lists have been based on times entrants have stated for their predicted 5 mile time at point of entry. This is to limit the need to overtake on the course. This event is an individual time trial, with everyone starting at 5-10 sec intervals. We will NOT be starting runners in pairs or groups.

We have chip to chip timing - your actual start is when you are detected by the timing equipment there. Your start is not the stated start time on the published list. There is some flexibility in when individuals start. Don't worry unduly about the stated start time - it is used by us to ensure correct and safe 'covid-distancing' - you may be called forward to start earlier or later than your published start time.

Marathon start times in Chronological order

Marathon start times in Alphabetical order

Half Marathon start times in Chronological order

Half Marathon start times in Alphabetical order


After a successful 'template' event last year we've decided to repeat the event in 2021 and include the Half Marathon distance.

Fees: Marathon and Half Marathon £23/£25 (both distances) . RACE FULL

Date: Sunday 25th April. 9:00am.

Venue: Hamfields Leisure Centre (Berkeley Power Station), Gloucestershire, GL13 9PA

Course: Flat country lanes. The marathon will visit the original Shepperdine Marathon route for 3 laps this year. See route maps (coming soon). The Half marathon is very similar to the old 20km route on the 2020 Fission (but with an extra 1.1kms to start)

You will be able to freely transfer from one distance to the other at any time yourself (up till 21st April) by going to amend entry at Fabian 4. Race limit 550 for both distances combined.
Cut-off times: These events are running events and we would expect all participants to run the majority of the course. The events are not really suitable for anyone taking longer than 5 hours to complete the marathon and 3 hours to complete the half marathon.

Getting there: Just follow signs to Berkeley and then to the power station.


License/Permit - we have UKA permits so that your time will appear in PoT.
Course accuracy - both routes have a certificate of course accuracy from the AUKCM.
Chip Timing - collect number/chip on the day

Entry limit: 550.
Easy access from the A38 and M5. Free car parking.
Toilets (and on the course).
Drink stations - 5 on the marathon and 3 on the Half Marathon.
Cakes and hot drinks
T - shirt

General information - a 'covid aware' event

How will it work? The event will be fully compliant with both local and national 'covid regulations'. The event will go ahead as an individual time trial - a start list will be drawn up based on predicted time for 5 miles (runners going off at 5-10 sec intervals).

At point of entry you will be asked what time you expect to do the first 5 miles in. One week before the event we will publish the start order, with the faster runners near the front in order to minimise overtaking. It's 'chip to chip' timing so your race time is based on when you cross the start mats and then the finish line. Your start time on the day may ultimately be slightly different to that published in the start order - the published start order is merely a guideline to help us manage you all in a 'covid-safe' manner, to avoid queues and the need for people to gather. We are keeping entries to a maximum of 550 (for both events combined) in order to help ensure safe distancing in the car park, at the start and on the course. Toilets at event HQ, then at lap point which you can visit during each lap. Sanitizing spray, hand gel, wipes and toilet seat covers will be available to use before and after your visit. There will be bottled water at each water station.

Why laps on the marathon? We are trying to keep the event as self contained as possible to make traffic management, general organisation and our 'covid-safe' set up simple and manageable. Course accuracy - The Marathon and Half Marathon have been officially measured and have AUKCM certificates. Route maps below:

Half Marathon route

Marathon route - out and back with 3 laps of Shepperdine loop

At the start of the Half Marathon there is a small out and back section through the car park. The route then follows the 20km route of the 20/20 Fission event - through Berkeley, Ham, Hill, Rockhampton and back via Hamfield Lane to the finish within the grounds of Hamfields Leisure centre.

The marathon starts close to the race HQ. It initially follows the old 20 miles route of the 20/20 Fission event out along Hamfield Lane to Ham, then onto Hill. At Hill it then heads out towards the loop of the original Shepperdine marathon. After 3 laps of this it then returns back to Hill and then onto Ham - a reverse of the route out, all the way to the finish within the grounds of Hamfields Leisure centre.