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Rogue Fleet is a roguelike tactics space fleet survival sim. Picture FTL meets Battlestar Galactica meets turn-based-strategy. Meets.

First, download and install LOVE for your appropriate OS (PC, Mac, Linux) here:

Once that is done, Download Rogue Fleet: HERE

You can just open the LOVE file to play it.

Requires a 1366px width or greater display.

Please note, updating to a new version may corrupt your existing save, if that is important to you, run the versions in separate directories.

V1.35 to V 1.36
*Fixed crash after 1st turn of Core jump, so you can now beat the game! Hopefully.

V1.3 to V 1.35
*Nothing super exciting, except for EXPLOSIONS when ships are destroyed!

V1.225 to V 1.3
*Balance changes regarding resource gain from planets, starting ships, subsystem maximums.
*Tech Labs and Enhance action added. Tech Labs use Knowledge to improve subsystems, which makes them perform better in various ways. Enhanced Subsystems are listed as Torpedo Bay II, Torpedo Bay IV, etc, IV is the most enhanced and most powerful.
*Due to the Tech Labs addition, it is now no longer possible to auto move subsystems by type, you must always specify the exact subsystem you wish to transfer.

V1.2 to V 1.225
*Resolution Width changed to 1366
*Numerous balance changes which basically make the game less hostile (less rebellion among humans, and less HP for Silencers)
*There are now 4 kinds of Station: Gardens, Refineries, Foundries, and Shipyards, which always yield either food, fuel, metal, or new ships respectively, when searched successfully. The chance of search and total gain of resource has not been altered, but this does make it much easier to find the resources you currently need.
*Searching stations can now lead to a cost of crew from both stations, as tense crew on board the station may attack.

V1.1 to V 1.2
*Some more advanced politics: Non-hostile ships now enter the game as being outside of the fleet. Ships not yet added to fleet can be added by pressing Z. Ships that are not in fleet cannot be issued orders, do not use food, and are not taken when jumping, even if they are in range. You can interact with them (take crew and subsystems) but this has a chance of making them turn hostile, since you are basically taking their stuff and people and leaving the rest of them to die. Also, populated non-fleeted ships and all populated stations now have a small chance of going hostile, representing tension among the humans that you may be leaving them behind for the Silencers.
*Icons for all subsystems now appear on the GUI.
*Some game balance changes.

V1.01 to V 1.1

*Ships now have limited move distance per turn.
*3 Sizes of Ships now exist: Small, Medium and Large. Larger ships can carry more crew, have higher max hull, and can carry more subsystems, but move more slowly and cost more fuel to jump. Small ships carry less, but move faster and are less costly to jump.
*Silencers can now move 6 spaces. However it takes 30% longer for them to appear.
*Icons now displayed on ships that are in range for the jump, removing the guesswork from that crucial process.
*Some other minor changes.

V1.0 to V1.01

*Take Subsystem action added. You can now strip found ships without crewing them first. Rejoice!
*Better feedback during the Take and Give Subsystem actions.
*You now Inspect enemy ships when you touch them, this displays a list of their subsystems.
*You are now told the cost of your attacks if you kill the enemy ship.
*There is now a benefit to multiple Assault Suits when boarding Silencers.

Possible Future Changes Coming Soon
*Max move distance for your ships, to improve tactics gameplay.

ROGUE FLEET Is brought to you by Martian Arctic Games: 

Creator of Rogue Miner (iOS), Gem Goblin (iOS and Android), Falling Block Angel (iOS and Android), and Cyber-Wing