Rogi Ocnorb's Alternate Realities Page

A place to share information, tools and opinions on Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) related topics. 

Just to get it out of the way... Here's my blogcode if you really feel the need to get to know me better:

B1 d- t- k- s- u-- f- i- o+ x-- e- l c- (Decode It)

Those of you who played the game Orbital Colony will be familliar with my "ARG name" it is the name of the main protagonist, Igor Bronco, in reverse. I happened upon ARGs while looking for a way to solve a puzzle I encountered researching a geocache. I found Unfiction and got hooked. The folks there are some of the most intelligent (and well mannered) I've come across in my web travels.

Once I started feeling comfortable with the lay of the land, there, I decided to create a puzzle trail which I think was pretty good for a first effort. At least the feedback was all pretty positive. The first one to solve the whole trail even said he learned a few things. Which, coming from him, means a lot (Some suspect Grumpyboy is really an advanced form of artificial intelligence occupying several acres in an underground complex in Hong Kong.).

I also collaborated with SixSidedSquare as the puzzle creation team for a game called Another Contest Worth Entering. The ARG suffered an untimely death but many of the players say they enjoyed the puzzles. As many of the puzzles, as well as the "big picture" were left unsolved, Six and I (with the help of some awesome Javascript websmithery by skenmy and hosting by Ehsan who hosted my "yellow brick road" trail) are republishing the puzzles, both solved and unsolved, in the form of a puzzle trail to be called "Detritus", with commentary and collaboration occurring primarily, here.

I'll try to keep this site from going stale as I've been doing with all my other online ventures, dating back to about '95, so check in periodically and maybe I'll have something new for you to chew on or work with. I'll concentrate on stuff that isn't really available anywhere else on the net, but may also do a section that categorizes/links to other preexisting online tools and resources. Though, the tools section at Unfiction is the preferred place for these links as searching for the correct tool is generally easier in a forum environment.