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Dates of Interest

8/19/17                 Yard Waste Collection at WWTP 7am-3pm
8/21/17                 Board of Aldermen meeting
8/24/17                 Residential Recycling Cart pick-up
9/4/17                   Labor Day, City Hall Closed, no Board meeting
9/5/17                   Municipal Court at 2:00pm
9/5/17                   Planning and Zoning meeting
9/7/17                   Board of Aldermen meeting
9/7/17                   Residential Recycling Cart pick-up
9/16/17                 Yard Waste Collection at WWTP 7am-3pm
9/18/17                 Board of Aldermen meeting
9/19/17                 Municipal Court at 2:00pm
9/19/17                 Planning and Zoning meeting
9/21/17                 Residential Recycling Cart pick-up
9/30/17                 Rockin' Rogersville Street Party in Jamestown!
10/2/17                 Board of Aldermen meeting
10/3/17                 Municipal Court at 2:00pm
10/3/17                 Planning and Zoning meeting
10/5/17                 Residential Recycling Cart pick-up
10/16/17               Board of Aldermen meeting
10/17/17               Municipal Court at 2:00pm
10/17/17               Planning and Zoning meeting
10/19/17               Residential Recycling Cart pick-up
10/21/17               Yard Waste Collection at WWTP 7am-3pm
11/2/17                 Residential Recycling Cart pick-up
11/6/17                 Board of Aldermen meeting
11/7/17                 Municipal Court at 2:00pm
11/7/17                 Planning and Zoning meeting
11/10/17               City Hall Closed
11/11/17               Veteran's Day
11/1617                Residential Recycling Cart pick-up
11/20/17               Board of Aldermen meeting
11/21/17               Municipal Court at 2:00pm
11/21/17               Planning and Zoning meeting
11/23/17               Thanksgiving, City Hall Closed
11/24/17               City Hall Closed
11/30/17               Residential Recycling Cart pick-up
12/4/17                 Board of Aldermen meeting
12/5/17                 Municipal Court at 2:00pm
12/5/17                 Planning and Zoning meeting
12/14/17               Residential Recycling Cart pick-up
12/18/17               Board of Aldermen meeting
12/19/17               Municipal Court at 2:00pm
12/19/17               Planning and Zoning meeting
12/25-12/26-17     Christmas Holiday, City Hall Closed
12/28/17               Residential Recycling Cart pick-up
1/1/18                   New Year's Day, City Hall Closed, no Board meeting
1/4/18                   Board of Aldermen meeting

 211 East Center, Rogersville, MO  65742