Math Teachers Rejoice! There's a New Whiteboard app Designed With You in Mind! And it's FREE!

UPDATE Dec 30, 2017: We have updated our website! You can check out our new site at 
You are welcome to keep viewing this site, especially if you need the older Chrome App, but going forward, we will be using our new site. Also, if you want something that you can permanently bookmark, please use rogersmathwhiteboard.com. That will always take you to the current site. Thank you again for using Roger's Math Whiteboard!

The Story Behind Roger's Math Whiteboard:

After watching many math teachers struggle with various touchscreen technologies as an embedded math tutor, I decided to create a whiteboard app designed specifically for them. Roger's Math Whiteboard is my best and latest attempt at doing just that. It is designed to be cross-platform, (See details in the Compatibility section below), and work with whatever touch/stylus input, is available. Thus, it should work well on a Touchscreen, Interactive Whiteboard, Smartboard, Smart Podium, or even with a good mouse. It can also be used in conjunction with screen-sharing software to broadcast your presentation to a remote location, or perhaps record it for later viewing.

Key Features:

  • PowerPoint content can be imported, (Detailed instructions provided within the program).
  • Draw on each page/image using various tools, (pen, eraser, line, etc...), sizes, and colors.
  • Insert various pages into the document including Blank White, Graph Paper, Coordinate Plane, Screenshots, 3D Templates etc....
  • Insert many math symbols not found on a regular keyboard.
  • Quickly undo things if you make a mistake.
  • Copy & paste sections of the board to the next page if you run out of space.
  • Draw/fill a rectangle or ellipse over an area you select.
  • Quickly identify things with the digital equivalent of a pointer.
  • Clearly show how graphs are drawn with a special Dot tool.
  • Save all of the pages as images that can be zipped up and distributed to students, (Detailed instructions provided within the program).

Wanna Try it Out? Here's How:

First try adding it to Chrome via its entry in the Google Chrome Web Store. (You might also want to check out the release notes & known bugs). If you can't add it to Chrome via the Web Store, or you want to build the program from its source code, read on:


Note: If you don't know what operating system you are using, you may want to visit whatsmyos.com to find out before continuing on.

Roger's Math Whiteboard is built as a Google Chrome Packaged App. Therefore, it should theoretically work anywhere that the regular desktop version of Google Chrome will run. This includes all modern versions of Windows, Mac OS X 10.7 and up, 64-bit Ubuntu Linux, and Chromebooks. I have also released separate versions for users running Windows XP, and Windows Vista, (See Source Code & Older OSs below). However, I don't plan on updating these versions in the future.

Since Roger's Math Whiteboard uses Google Chrome as it's framework, it is very possible that it will work on systems outside of those listed above. You are welcome to try it out anywhere that you can run the Desktop version of Google Chrome or a similar Chromium-based browser.

Source Code & Older OSs:

If you are running either Windows XP, or Windows Vista and would like to install Roger's Math Whiteboard, do the following:
  1. Download the applicable file for Windows XP, or Windows Vista.
  2. Open up the downloaded zip file, (usually by double-clicking on it).
  3. Open up the only folder inside the zip file.
  4. Open up the file named "INSTALATION" and follow the instructions in that file.

If you wish to build the program from its source code, or want to download the source code for any other reason, click here to download it. Then, if you want to install it:
  1. Open up the downloaded zip file, (usually by double-clicking on it).
  2. Open up the only folder inside the zip file.
  3. Open up the file named "INSTALATION" and follow the instructions in that file.


Want more screenshots & videos? Check them out here.

Author: Roger Frybarger. (The creator of Roger's Math Whiteboard.)
Last Updated: Aug 23, 2016.