My name is John Rogers. I am an Applied Linguist, English teacher, and occasional teacher trainer currently based in Hong Kong, where I am an assistant professor in the Department of English Language Education at The Education University of Hong Kong. I have a strong background in the EFL classroom, having spent the majority of my adult life abroad working as a teacher in a number of different contexts.  

My main interests fall mainly on the psycholinguistic side of second language acquisition. In particular, I am interested in the cognitive mechanisms which underlie the language learning process. My research in this area has focused on the roles of attention, awareness, and individual differences in the development of implicit and explicit knowledge. I have also carried out research as to how the spacing of instruction (i.e. whether instruction is intensive or extensive) impacts on learning.  I am also interested in quantitative methodological issues related to the measurement of knowledge, experimental design, as well as statistical techniques. 

In addition to these areas, I have also expanded my research agenda beyond the language learning laboratory to investigate learning within second language classrooms. This research has focused on issues related to task-based language teaching, specifically on the role of task-repetition on second language writing development. For a description of these and other ongoing projects, please click on the research tab at the top of the page.

Please click on the tabs above for more information, or visit my departmental page, google scholar, or academia.edu profile.