Saturday evening, Sept 10:

A super-giant thank you to all the young singers that came out today and made it a fabulous day!! You all rock!! You can be very proud of the music you made and the contribution you made to the flood efforts!! Wonderful!!

Some pictures from the day!


Friday night, Sept. 9:

Where to meet, what to wear:

I would like to meet the singers a little before 11:30am on the sidewalk beneath the Statehouse steps and we will find a spot to rehearse. All you need to bring is your voice and a smile! For dress, keep it simple; bright colors are great! A simple tshirt and jeans will be fine.

I'm organizing a children's chorus that will participate in the "Voices for Vermont" fundraiser that will be held in Montpelier on the Statehouse Lawn on Saturday, Sept. 10 at 1pm. All school-age singers(K-12) are welcome to join in, from any area of the state. We will meet at 11:30am to practice the two songs that will be performed, "Ise Oluwa" (a Yoruban folk melody) and "Big Green Tree" (from "A Perfect Day" by Plainfield, VT composer Dennis Murphy). Both songs are easy to learn, and below you will find links to downloadable copies of both the written and recorded versions, so you can learn them ahead of time. If you don't have time, don't worry, you'll catch on!
For more information about the concert, visit the Good Earth Singers blog: Good Earth Singers blog
And visit The Good Earth Singers Facebook page: The Good Earth Singers on Facebook
A direct link to the Facebook event page: Voices for Vermont:: A Special Flood Relief Benefit Concert
A Facebook event page for the Children's Chorus: Children's Chorus Event page on Facebook

Please pass this along to any kids and teachers you might know and have them contact me with any questions at:
Here's a copy of the Concert poster! VfV Poster - pdf
Here are the notation files:
Ise Oluwa
(pdf 36k)
Big Green Tree Lead Sheet
(pdf 135k) (and I apologize for the sloppy hand-writing!)

and audio/video files:

Big Green Tree
(mp3 3.5MB) (performance by The Fyre and Lightning Consort)

Here you can see a video of Ise Oluwa (and more information about The Good Earth Singers):

Good Earth Singers youtube channel