Predictive Simulation Research Institute

posted Dec 2, 2009, 3:53 AM by Chris Rogers
Sandia National Laboratories has established the Enabling Predictive Simulation Research Institute (EPSRI) to engage early graduate engineering students in cutting-edge research and development of capabilities for predictive simulation, multidisciplinary fusion of core engineering disciplines with phenomenological understanding, and computer modeling and simulation. A wide range of engineering and scientific disciplines is represented including heat and energy transport, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, structural dynamics, solid mechanics, mechanics of materials, and experimental mechanics. Core activities within the institute encompass the full spectrum of experimental discovery and validation, model development, code development and engineering analyses at scales from atomic to continuum. Last year, EPSRI hosted 10 interns at Sandia’s California site, with students originating from top universities throughout the nation. More information about the EPSRI program is available at the website: 

We are pleased to continue our intern program for the summer of 2010. Because of the funding base for this program, we can only consider students having U.S. citizenship. Our budget allows us to provide for travel expenses and pay students a monthly salary (amount depends on qualifications) for a period of 10 weeks. Students pay their living expenses from their monthly stipend. Our Human Resources department will assist students in finding local housing. Each student accepted to EPSRI will be mentored by a Sandia staff member, and will pursue research on a topic of mutual interest. In addition, throughout the summer, Sandia staff and external speakers will present seminars and tutorials. Selection of EPSRI participants will be based on undergraduate and graduate GPA, relevant coursework, compatibility of intern skills, and experience with project needs.
Students who are interested in participating in this program need to reply to Jonathan Zimmerman (email: with a short vita and one or more possible summer research topics by February 1, 2010.  In addition, students need to apply through Sandia’s on-line website at URL:  The EPSRI-CA internship is listed under job reference number 64316. Intern selections will be ongoing through the spring of 2010 until all available intern positions are filled. Topics of interest include solid mechanics (e.g., finite elements, micro-/nano-systems modeling, and multi-scale models and methods), fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and the mechanics of materials (e.g., plasticity, damage, fracture, and molecular dynamics). Also of interest are experiments that support model development and/or validation. 
Scott C. James, Thermal/Fluid Science and Engineering Department
James W. Foulk III, Xiaowang Zhou and Jonathan A. Zimmerman, Mechanics of Materials Department
Sandia National Laboratories, 7011 East Avenue – MS 9404, Livermore, CA  94550