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posted Feb 5, 2010, 3:46 PM by Chris Rogers

MIT Lincoln Laboratory is looking forward to our visit to your campus during the upcoming semester.  The attachment provides specific information regarding our on-campus activities.  We would be grateful if you could provide this information to your students.


The Laboratory offers scientists and engineers the opportunity to work on challenging problems critical to national security.  A Department of Defense federally funded research and development center (FFRDC), Lincoln Laboratory has a focused commitment to research and development, with an emphasis on building prototypes and demonstrating operational systems under live test conditions that meet real-world requirements.


Three areas constitute the core of the work performed at the Laboratory: sensors, information extraction (signal processing and embedded computing), and communications, all supported by a broad research base in advanced electronics.  The research and development activities at the Laboratory are encompassed under six primary mission areas:  space control; air and missile defense technology; communications and information technology; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems and technology; advanced electronics technology; and homeland protection. For more information please visit


The Laboratory has career opportunities for theoretical investigation as well as work with experimental systems in the field. Due to the highly complex nature of our work, we have the greatest need for graduate engineers with an MS or a PhD in Electrical Engineering or Physics and for BS or MS-level software engineers and scientific programmers. Due to our contracts with the Department of Defense employment at the Laboratory requires U.S. citizenship.


We are actively recruiting undergraduates and graduate students for our Summer Research Program. You can find the eligibility requirements, program details, and the application process at


Our 2009-2010 Technical Seminar Series offering is available at  Costs related to the staff members' visits will be assumed by the Laboratory.  Please review our website to obtain the process for requesting a seminar.


We hope you will encourage your students to meet with our technical staff members while they are on campus.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at 781.981.7056 or





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