posted Dec 2, 2009, 3:04 PM by Chris Rogers

Research Area(s):
Aeronautics, Systems Engineering


Universities Space Research Association (USRA) has an immediate opening for a one year appointment for a Visiting Research Professional in their Visiting Researcher Exchange and Outreach (VREO) Program at the NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center. 

VREO is a partnership between NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center's Education Programs Department and USRA. The program is designed to facilitate collaboration between NASA/MSFC scientists and engineers, and outside researchers. 

The research professional will support the X-TOOLSS (eXploration Toolset for Optimization Of Launch and Space Systems) Project in the Thermal and Mechanical Analysis Branch, Space Systems Department, at the NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center. 

The responsibilities are as follows: 

• Application of genetic algorithms (GA) for optimization of advanced structures for lunar surface operation, habitation, structural, thermal, and other systems. 

• Use of the X-TOOLSS software with finite element structural (stress and dynamics) models, and Thermal Desktop or SINDA-G thermal models. 

• Further development of subsystem codes to increase model fidelity, and stand-alone optimization of each subsystem to gain insight into important parameters. 

• Work will involve collaboration with team members of the Thermal and Mechanical Analysis Branch. 

Qualifications: A Bachelor's or Master's (preferred) degree in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering or related field. Relevant work experience is a plus, but not a requirement. Candidates must qualify for immediate access to NASA/Marshall Flight Center. 

Applicants should submit a cover letter, list of references and resume to the following address:

USRA Point of Contact:
Debra Hallmark 
Attn: Human Resources Specialist 
6767 Old Madison Pike, Suite 450 
Huntsville, AL 35806