Roger Reynolds


Tiffany Du Mouchelle, Paul Hembree, 
Stephen Solook, Alice Teyssier


JUSTICE is a musical/dramatic presentation of Clytemnestra's primary scenes from my text: The Red Act (itself drawn from plays of Euripides and Aeschylus). The whole is divided into three parts:

I) Sacrifice centers on Agamemnon's decision to kill Iphigenia in order that the Greek fleet be freed to sail on to Troy and exact its revenge for the abduction of Helen.  Clytemnestra is at first incredulous, but gradually accepts this inevitability and warns Agamemnon of dire consequences.

II) Absence portrays Clytemnestra's emotions during her husband's ten years away, and the conflicting responses that his return arouses in her.

III) Nightmare and Judgment is the longest part. It addresses both the murder of Agamemnon and also Clytemnestra's proud defiance as she portrays what she has done and why.

    - Roger Reynolds

Justice trailer 1.2