* July 07th. 2020: I hope to release a song called "Sorry" this autumn. More info to come!

* February 2th.2018: I have collaborated with a Norwegian shanti band, called SLOGMÅKANE. I have co-produced it and is playing the guitar.

* July 25th.2017: 100procent Rock Magazine (Australia): Roger Pedersen’s third solo album includes a few surprises sure to surprise anyone who thinks speed and feel and melody cannot co-exist in guitar music... Played with astonishing dexterity and finesse, lightning fast, but without sacrificing melody or emotional impact... Traversing through many moods almost schizophrenically, Guitar Madness and Other Nice Songs is a restless trip, but a rewarding one for fans of instrumental guitar – made irresistible by Pedersen’s sheer mad skills...  The entire album is eclectic, manic, and rawly thrilling.

* September 24th.2016: BLACKMOON Magazine: "Alt i alt et meget bra album. La dette albumet leve lenge! En sterk femmer blir karakteren. Støtt opp en gitarist som det allerede går gjetord om." 

* September 07th.2016: iO Pages Magazine, September issue (the Netherlands): The Norwegian guitarist has the ability to use his virtuoso shredder technique for making short, accessible melodies. He has developed his talent even more on this album. Save Me From Myself is not only a nice catchy song, it is a integration of acoustic and electric expression that varies the album "Guitar Madness" well together.

* August 24th.2016: The singel "Save me from myself" is this week number 1 on Top 40 at Radio 102. Fantastic :-).

*August 08th.2016: Norway Rock Magazine (August issue): Denne x-Heaven-gitaristen briljerer med kunnskap om shredding, tapping eller hva det måtte være. Dette er kunst på høyeste hylle. Vi har mange talenter i Norge, og Roger Pedersen er en av dem som fra 80-tallet har utviklet seg mulig mest av alle... Hvis gitarspilling hadde vært en idrettsgren så ville Pedersen ha drevet med ekstrem sport – så god er han!

*August 04th.2016: Music Street Journal USA (August issue): It’s a good album that’s instrumental except for the last tune. It is a bit heavy on shredding, but that’s not really an issue. This never really seems to feel redundant or tired. It’s a strong set from start to finish, with some definite highlights interspersed... It has some tasteful shredding along with a lot of great melodic music...The whole thing is very technical and very impressive.

*July 29th.2016: ETERNAL TERROR (webzine): Roger Pedersen is a highly talented musician and guitarist hailing from Norway… lots of insane solos, tricky riffs, and twisted arrangements… Roger Pedersen is definitely more interesting to listen to compared to so many other virtuoso musicians out there. "Guitar Madness and Other Nice Songs" contains both electric and acoustic pieces, which means that the album has variety to it as opposed to merely being one everlasting one-dimensional shit-storm. In addition, Pedersen alternates between speedy and aggressive sections, calm and harmonious passages, extravagant and progressive solos.

*July 25th.2016: The USA magazine "Sea of Tranquility" : "There is no doubting Pedersen's skill on electric guitar but he is equally adept on the acoustic, beginning with the fabulous "Leftovers". His playing on this one is really quite remarkable as his guitar adds a bit of Spanish flair.Whether its acoustic or electric, Pedersen's virtuosity is on full display throughout Guitar Madness. Recommended for aspiring guitarists everywhere. "

* July 17th.2016: Xymponia (The Netherlands): On his two predecessors he managed to combine his fast shredding  with accessible melodies, wrapped in short songs. The new album is in that respect a continuation of that talent, but he also expands with some fine examples of acoustic guitar acrobatics . It is nice to hear how controlled his fast licks and harmonies is. A more extensive review is comming soon.

* July 15th.2016: Here is an interview from Portugal and VIA NOCTURNA.

* June 23th.2016: Hallowed (Sweden) swedish version/ international version: Guitar Madness and Other Nice Songs, isn’t that a brilliant title of an album that contains some guitar madness – or a lot of it.  I think that you ought to buy this album.  So can I write that it is crazy good? – guess I can.

* June 11th.2016: VIA NOCTURNA (Portugal): We are attacked by really crazy moments; from an indescribable virtousity to immediately afterwards to rejoice with a gentle and heartwarming acoustic melody. If you are looking for a guitarist who combines the best of Tony MacAlpine and Yngwie Malmsteen and possesses creativity of Steve Vai or Joe Satriani, look for Roger Pedersen!

* May 30th.2016: Rock Hard Reviews (UK): If there is one problem with Roger Pedersen's guitar playing, it is that he is just so darn good! Roger is so talented, it is crazy! If this guy were to join Dragonforce, the music would be blindingly spectacular. He's that good. Better even?. For variety, check out some of the five acoustic numbers. They shocase spectacular, leet fretwork skillz.

* May Flight of Pegasus (Greece) The Norwegian guitarist won our attention with his previous release, "More is more", and our attention is no less when you hear what is presented on third solo album. Roger is a Virtuoso guitarist, with acrobatic movements, subtlety and a composer who uses motifs from different periods of classical music, presents interesting ideas.

* May 21th.2016: Truth in Shredding UK: Roger Pedersen; New album release party at Valhalla.

* May 21th.2016: "": Jeg elsker dette, spillegleden, det fantastiske nivået på spillingen. Dette er gledesspredende saker, og liker du gitarspill, liker du dette. Vakre, nydelige spor som Snacks og A Bottle Of Rum blander seg med racere som åpningssporet og The Swarm, og innimellom kommer det lange, vakre toner i form av Tribute. En fantastisk skive!

* May 15th.2016: : Konklusjonen blir at Roger Pedersen denne gangen har levert ei klart bedre plate enn tidligere, og det enkelt og greit fordi gitaristens fokus på melodier har ført til ei skive der gitarbriljering ikke ser ut til å være eneste mål for mannen.

* May 12th.2016: Media coverage from the newspaper KARMOYNYTT regarding my new album "Guitar Madness and other nice songs"

* May 06th.2016: Media coverage from the newspaper HAUGESUNDS AVIS regarding my new album "Guitar Madness and other nice songs".

* May 2016: Media coverage from HAUGESUNDSNYTT regarding my new album "Guitar Madness and other nice songs"

* May 2th.2016: Here is the music video of "Save me from myself" taken from my new album "Guitar Madness and other nice songs".

* April 20th.2016: My new single "Save me from myself " has now been released as a preview for my new album "Guitar Madness and other nice songs" with release 13th of May. A commercial song for a crazy album. More info under "links". 

* November 14th.2015: I have received a scholarship for my music from Kopervik Rotary club. New CD is in the making :-

* September 20th.2015: The newspaper Karmøynytt had an article of me participating in a gala performance for Karmoy municipality.

*December 26th.2014: I am now one of Matrix Amplification's endorsed artists.

* October 25th.2014: Review from Italy: "What I like in this cd are the variety of styles,harmonies and sounds.You have expanded the style of Popcorn (the beautiful jazz/neo classical/shred style) and that's great! Makes me wanna hear your third cd soon!!!" Davide Sangiorgi, Italy

* April 09th.2014: A late update: I have recently played my song "Circus" for about 1000 people, and one of them was Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden. That was a blast :-).

* February 22th.2014: Matrix Amplification UK wrote on their Facebook page: The extremely talented Roger Pedersen putting the Fractal Audio Axe Fx2, GT800FX and new FR212 FRFR cab through their paces. Awesome melodic playing with some great shredding thrown in.

* February 17th.2014: The magazine "" is finally up and going. Here is a newinterview with me. "Roger Pedersen er en unik gitarist fra Karmøy utenfor Haugesund. Jeg har tidligere anmeldt og intervjuet herremannen når han var aktuell med sitt debutalbum, nå er oppfølgeren klar. 'More Is More' har blitt en bra utgivelse som bør tilfredsstille alle med sansen for gitarhelter"

*  February 17th.2014: Here is a fine review of my new CD."Greia med Roger er at han spiller drepende bra, teknisk og plukker ra øverste hylle samtidig som han gjør det folkelig, og med en frekk spilleglede."

* January 08th.2014: A new year and new opportunities. Last year was a blast. I've got a lot of great reviews for my CD "More is More" worldwide. The largest TV-station i Norway, NRK, played my music serveral times and one of Norways top 5 radiostations, Radio 102, listet "Say My Name" as the 56th most played song of 2013. Read more here.

* October 02th.2013: Another great review. This time from The Netherlands and Radio Xymphony. "...... "More is More" is the second album by the Norwegian guitarist Roger Pedersen. The number of musical notes borders on the incredible. Yet Pedersen and his use of accessible melody continues to impress.."

*September 09th.2013: Super coverage from the number 1 newspaper; Haugesunds Avis:Frontpagefrontpage part two 2 pages coverage inside the culture section.

* September 09th.2013: Great review from the newspaper Karmsund here".......virtous fra Skudenes med spennende plate.....Hvis du liker gitarspill- og har sans for mer enn avansert klimpring- da er dette noe du bør få med deg!

* August 08th.2013: Sublim portrait of me in Karmsund (newspaper) here.

* August2013: A great report from the newspaper "Karmoynytt".


* August 07th.2013: NRK TV1 played "Surfing with an Umbrella" from the new album in their program "Sommeråpent" Saturday 3th of August (12.25 into the program).


*August 01th.2013:  NRK TV1 played "Northern Lights" from my new album in their program "Sommeråpent" Tuesday 30th of July (19.34 into the program).


* July 12th.2013: has a great review of the album "More is More". "...Roger counterbalances intensity with an understated sense of humour which frequently pops up in his evocative song titles. Instrumental rock music sometimes stumbles over the final hurdle of finding a suitable song title, but Pedersen’s song titles reflect the pace and density of his music. Thus on ‘Hail In A Hurricane’, the intensity of his frenetic playing and accompanying keyboard stabs sound like a wasp in a jam jar. Two songs later he actually calls a song ‘Wasps’, while other titles such as ‘Circus’, ‘ThePingPongSong’, ‘Melody’ and ‘GuitarDrumBizarreThing’ tell their own story…"


* July 10th.2013: Nice review from Scream Magazine  "....Pedersen er en svært dyktig gitarist, og han har også en del bra komposisjoner- som «the PingPongSong» og «Surfing with an Umbrella». Overrasker gjør Pedersen med å avslutte med vokallåta «Say my Name»- der Johannes Støle står for stemmebruken. Her opplever vi en mye mer moderat versjon av gitaristen, i en flott låt.


* June 26th.2013: Studio Eidesvik has made a great music video for my Top 40 song "Say my name".


* June 08th.2013: Another great review of my new album; this time from UK and one of the most popular review sites for rock: "Get ready to rock". ".....Norwegian guitarist Roger Pedersen is a jaw dropping technician who solo’s at breathtaking speed. He frequently applies a two handed tapping technique to some impossible shreds, while exploring scintillating dynamics and a multitude of tones. At times he just seems to take off like an out of control helicopter, but then he always manages to restore order with an uplifting phrase or a unison guitar break....all intricately wrapped up by the astonishing technique of Norway’s king of the shredders."


* June 2013: A good review from Spain and    "...... it’s clear that Pedersen has one of the fastest hands I’ve ever heard from a guitar act."


* June 2013: A good review from USA and if you like shred (if not, not so good review :-))   ".....Love shred? Love Roger Pedersen. I mean that's it, there's little left to say really, as this second album from the Norwegian guitarist More Is More does exactly what shred should....shred! There's no doubt this boy can play, with a million notes a minute firing at your head so quickly you barely have time to hear them all as RP's fretboard melts from the eager attention."


* June 2013: Another good review from the Netherlands: iO Pages (English translation is comming soon)

"...the number of notes that in less than forty minutes passes, borders on the incredible. yet
pedersen know his fine shredding technique, just like on his debut in kernels In a Popcorn Machine.......Once you are used to this style you realize that those melodies are not as usual formed
by successive single notes, but by rapidly shifting scales. the "devil violinist" Paganini was unconsciously a good teacher, although rock, jazz virtuosos influences 
also apply..


* June 2013: Truth in Shredding UK has publised one of my videos


* May 05th.2013: A great review from 


* May A great interview from NorwayRock Magazine


* May 04th.2013: A great interview from Haugesunds Avis


* May 04th.2013: A good review from Haugesunds Avis   "....Pedersen er en gitarnerd, uten at det er ment negativt. Han er en dyktig gitarist og hurtig som få andre. Musikeren fra Karmøy behersker også den akustiske gitaren....Pedersen leverer en stødig oppfølger!"


* May A great review from NorwayRock Magazine  "....følger opp med glitrende gitarspill i form av Shredding i verdensklasse....Det er rett og slett gitarspill som setter oss lyttere rett til veggs!"


* May 04th.2013: A great interview from KarmoyBladet and the frontcover in the same magazine.


* May 04th.2013: A great report from the Newspaper Naa.


* May 04th.2013: A great review from Melodic Rock AOR   ".....Very orginal shredding and almost in the jazz funk rock folder with very advanced guitar playing..."


* May 04th.2013: Truth in Shredding has publised my new album.

* May 2013: A great review for my album: Power of metal Denmark"..If you like extreme, skilful guitar playing and want it in a package with some nice melodies, this is an album you must try to get in your collection.."

* May 2013: Another great review for my album: Metal Express USA  "......but his worldwide exposure came in February 2009 via Guitar Player magazine, where Pedersen’s off-kilter style was depicted as “notes bouncing like kernels in a popcorn machine.......  Pedersen’s playing often appears to be on the brink of total disarray … somehow, though, he masterfully keeps it together.  More Is More contains Shredding with a touch of Jazz and Fusion … and it’s a listen worth your time."

* May 2013: A great review for my album: Flight of Pegasus Greek  "....The Norwegian guitarist is amazing. He is a complete musician and even though the songs is at the speed of light, his playing is pleasant and it sounds effortless..." (google translate)

* May 2013: aA TV show at TVH (live performance). 

* May 03th.2011: Truth in Shredding UK: "Crazy two handed tapping from Roger Pedersen":Armageddon, and "a super tribute to Gary Moore": The Loner.

* April 12th.2011: Here is a video teaser for an upcoming interview in Karmoy Nytt magazine.

* March 06th.2011: Here is a great review from the Greek Webzine and radio station "Flight of Pegasus." (EnglishGreek)   "...He demonstrates impressive playing/technique. The sound is slightly distorted - which easily separates him from many different others.." ....."If you do not realize the impressive technical details, you will still enjoy listening to the disc characteristic that may be expressed effortlessly.  Truly a remarkable musician."                                                                                              

* January 26th.2011: New video and new listings from Pakistan-YoutubeIndia-TubeGear-Monsters and Truth in Shredding.

* January 18th.2011: Just been interviewed by the tv-channel "" See it here! You can also see a brand new Interview from the newspaper "Karmsund Avis" here!. 

* January 17th.2011: TV2, the largest commercial television station in Norway, has made a feature about me and my guitar playing.  You can see it here!

* January 11th.2011: TV2, the largest commercial television station in Norway, has made a feature about me and my guitar playing. It was sent in primetime, Saturday 8th. January. You can see it here! (if you can norwegian).


* December 21th.2010: Radio Xymphonia (The Netherlands): "The high degree of virtuosity is therefore linked to some nice catchy songs"


* December 07th.2010: I have got another great review of my CD. This time from the Netherlands, and the music magazine "iO pages." (Language: EnglishNetherlands)

"...he developed a sophisticated sort of shredding.
Unlike other speed monsters he uses minimal distortion and progmetalcords. That is why even when it goes very fast – the melody is easy to follow. Even in the aptly titled Warp Speed Monkey he manages to combine an unprecedented super speed with melody (...) because the 14 compact songs have enough variation - and are very accessible because of their touching themes. Pedersen has been able to use his experience with radio friendly bands to profile himself as a guitar virtuoso!"


* December 14th.2010: : "Another five star review from Roger Pedersen


* December 07th.2010: The UK based "Thruth in Shredding" has published my new great review from "iO pages," Netherlands, calling it Another five star review!!


* October 21th.2010: Here is a great new interview from Me like :-)


* September 22th.2010: IO Pages, October 2010 issue (the Netherlands): "The amazing guitar work of Pedersen.." From a review of Christian Welde's CD "Skywaching"


* Juli 01th.2010: Another great review of my new CD. This time from Norway Rock Magazine.

"Han beviser at omtalen i Guitar Player Magazine US er berettiget. He er det gitarakrobatikk på øverste hylle. Det er shreddng, sweeping, tapping- you name it!


* Juli 01th.2010: Interview over two pages from Norway Rock Magazine here.


* June 12th.2010: Another great review of my new CD. This time from

"This is gold!!....Det er ingenting fetere enn å høre folk som kan sakene sine så bra at det høres ut som en lek...Om det går fort eller i sjektefart, takler fyren å fremstå som en formidabel instrumentalist!


* May 29th.2010: My new CD has got an absolutely stunning review from the British magazine "Guitar and Bass Magazine UK" in their July issue. Holy shit!!!!! 

"Opening with zappy acrobatic riffing that sounds, well, quite unlike anything we’we ever heard, Pedersen hammers his way through 14 track of some of the most inventive fretwork around. Warp Speed Monkey encapsulates this Norwegian oddball perfectly; weird and wonderful shredding that’ll have even the most proficient players agape."


* May 27th.2010: "Truth in Shredding" has published my two latest videos, Beat it, which is a teaser for my new album, and Bumble Bee.


* May 12th.2010: Guitar World Magazine has linked my release to their page. Cool :-


* May 12th. 2010: Roger got coverage in Karmoybladet.


* May 04th.2010: Roger got coverage in Haugesunds Avis.


* April 26th.2010: "State of the art Guitar, Truth in Shredding" has published my release (cd out 3th. of May 2010).


* February 28th.2010: The newspaper Karmsund wrote something here..


* February 28th.2010: Here is an interview with me on Radio 102 (in norwegian).


* February 27th.2010: Karmøybladet wrote about me and my upcomming CD (overview andreadable version)


* February 26th.2010: Information about my upcomming CD at


* February 24th.2010: "Roger Pedersen lands a record deal for new CD". This news is also linked to Guitar World


* February 24th.2010: Karmoy Lokal with some information about my upcomming CD.


* February 23th.2010: Haugesunds avis wrote a note about my upcomming CD in May.


* October 26th.2009: I am a little overwhelmed, but Guitar World has linked me to their magazine somehow. I've been both in Guitar Player and in Guitar World before I even have released my album...Whow. Crazy guitar chops from Roger Pedersen. Intentions is plain for all to see!! (State of the art guitar, fusion, rock, jazz, classical, flamenco, shred.)


* Roger Pedersen med Youtube-kanal!!


* Musikkmagasinet Tunes, nr 1 - 2009 (mars):

"...og vi må bare si oss enig med redaktør Molenda i Guitar Player magazine; instrumentallåter med sprettent og lekent gitarspill som umiddelbart fenger og imponerer (...) dette er tøffe greier! (..) Det vi har hørt til nå, lover det aller beste!" ( To siders reportasje finner dere her.)


* Roger highly mentioned in  Guitar Player Magazine USA, February 2009. Click on the "guitarplayer link: omtaler Roger angående Guitar Player omtalen (20. 01.09)


Karmøybladet har en sides intervju med meg og gitaren min :-) ( 21.01.09) omtaler meg angående Guitar Player omtalen (17.01.09)


dTales i media:


* Anmeldelse fra musikkmagasinet (16.09.2008)

"som en vestavind blir man overrumplet av et knippe strålende poplåter. Her er det dybde og en grundighet man ikke altfor ofte finner i pop-band i dag. Det låter for det meste veldig bra – enkelte ganger vel eksemplarisk. ”Reach Out”, bandets andre cd-album, er for alle som liker å lytte til forseggjort popmusikk. (Musikkmagasinet




* dTales sin video, I like to fly, ligger nå på Youtube. Du finner den her!


* Tv-reportasje og video med dTales her.


* Flott  anmeldelse av radiolåten "I like to fly" på Musiq. (07.05.08)

"Det er en lyttervennlig og fengende pop-låt bandet her har kommet med. Vi befinner oss innen pop-sjangeren, men man hører også elementer av soul og funk. Refrenget er fengende og enkelt, lett å huske. Låten er svært gjennomført instrumentalt, og kan godt dukke opp på hit-lister på de ulike små-radiokanalene her til lands. " Les mer her.


* Fin reportasje fra Karmsund Avis (19.05.08)

"Musikk man mer enn gjerne lar seg rive med av, og nynner til. Og vokalist Irene Viklunds stemme gjør da også musikken lett å like. Den glir i alle fall rett inn i denne journalistens øreganger." Les mer her.




* Grei anmeldelse av "Reach out", med dTales (10.06.08):

"dTales leverer nok et album i Lava/Tomboy-avdelingen. dTales liker å pøse på med detaljer, og til tider høres det ut som om albumet er innspilt i en instrumentforretning. Forsiktig, teknisk gitarspill og svevende keyboardsløyfer dominerer lydbildet, beundringsverdig avslappende og tro mot det de holder på med". Les mer her.  (Haugesunds Avis)



"Vi vil anbefale "people are talking" på det varmeste. Melodiøst og fengende!!" Les restenher.

(avisa Karmsund)


En mer enn godkjent start fra et band som tar seg en

søndagstur på radiovennlige stier (


Reviewer: John K
This is a really great CD! If you love funky popmusic and great guitarplaying,

 well, this one's for you!!!........exelent work !!!.....keep up the good work.




Reviewer: Chris Fox
I love this music, because of the sound of it. It gives me chills, expecially the song "If I".

It seems like they want to reach out to you and tell you something.

Besides they seem so natural, honest and ordinary. I like that.




Låten «If I» er uansett plukket opp av en del radioer. «The Na Na Na Song» er på vei, og albumet «People Are Talking» er fra i dag av på plass hos landets platepushere.            (Haugesunds Avis)

Very impressed
Reviewer: Scott Brown
As a listener from an older generation, I was very impressed with this songs. Variety, versatility and damn good sound. Some cuts,reminded me of Toto/ westcoast-music in better days. That's a lot of talent! This is good music at any age! I hope it will be shared with the world!



 dTales: «People are talking»

dTales fra nordfylket kan spille og vokalist Irene Viklund har en flott stemme. «People are talking» er lyden av slutten av åttitallet - gjort uten det minste snev av humor, ironi eller glimt i øyet.
«The na na na song» er et av albumets få hederlige unntak, her bygges forsiktige elementer av folkemusikk inn i en sommerfrisk funkpopmelodi. Og balladen «If I» er vel gjennomført.   (Stavanger Aftenblad)


Platen anbefales av de som liker melodiøs og romantisk pop, samt liker det soul- og funk-inspirerte. Sangene er fengende, velskrevne og appellerer til et bredt publikumsspekter. Les mer her.



dTales ute med ny CD "People are talking" - Funky og melodiøs, anbefales på det varmeste!!  (desember 06)



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16 Jun 2016, 11:16
Roger Pedersen,
16 Jun 2016, 11:16
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7 Sept 2016, 07:47
Roger Pedersen,
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