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Roger Pedersen- guitarist                       
Last updated: July 07th. 2020

Latest news:

* July 07th. 2020: I hope to release a song called "Sorry" this autumn. More info to come!

* July 07th. 2020: I am struggeling with a sensory-motor dysfunction called "Musician's focal dystonia", wich is devastating for me and my playing.

* June 27th.2018: I have received a lot of  great reviews worldwide from my album "Guitar Madness and other nice songs". Check it out in the "media" section!

Buy one of my CD's signed: "Guitar Madness and other nice songs" or "More is More" or "Kernels in a Popcorn Machine", send me an email and I will inform about the price (Norway/World) and how to pay.

Guitar Madness and other nice songs