Berkeley Juneteenth Festival - 1998

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The Berkeley Juneteenth Festival - June 21, 1998

It's All Over but the Shouting

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Paul Tillman Smith
The Park Place Band's Paul Tillman Smith was once again the Entertainment Coordinator for Berkeley's famous Juneteenth Festival, the largest and longest-running Juneteenth celebration in California. From its start in 1987 as a project of the Adeline-Alcatraz Merchants Association, the festival has increased in scope and audience each year. Attendance reached almost 30,000, and Chump Change Records videotaped the entire event. This year's Festival featured the Park Place band, Buddy Conner & Friends, Freddie Hughes, Faye Carol & Kito Gamble, O'Town Passion, Know Jazz, and gospel groups God's Creation and True Spirits. Los Angeles vocalist and entertainer Reesie Wilkins was Mistress of Ceremonies.

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Check the Juneteenth Bibliography page for a comprehensive list of books on the Juneteenth Celebration for children and adults. The Southeast Texas - East Bay Music Connection page traces the affect of musicians from the birthplace of Juneteenth on the Bay Areas blues, R&B, and zydeco scene.

Links to other U.S. festivals are at the Juneteenth World-Wide Celebration Web site, which also has a list of festivals by state.  The Juneteenth image to the right is from Santa Clara University's Juneteenth site.

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