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Hi friends, this is my animation web site. Here you can see my animations from featured films, short films, tv series, advertisements and test that I've done from year 2000. Just click in the links to see it.

Nowadays, after working in several films and TV series all around, I work as a freelance animator and I'm partner of  ANIMUM 3D Live!OnLine. Take a look a the Demo of the school.


Demo Reel Animum Live!Online


Show Reel.

3D FILMS             


* Holy Night. The new 3D film of Dygra Films will be realeased on Christmas 2010.



* "Planet 51"  I came back to Spain to work at Ilion Animation Studios. Coming up on November 27th 2009 in Spain. Click here to see some of my shots.

                Best Animation film in Spanish Goya Awards 2009



 * "Space Chimps" . I went to Vancouver to work in this funny film. Coming up in Summer 2008.



 * "Donkey Xote" Based on Miguel de Cervantes' Don Quijote de la Mancha, coming up in December 2007 in theaters.



* I animated some cats and "luminosos" cycles for "Nocturna" . 

                                  Best Animation film in Spanish Goya Awards 2007


* "The Hairy Tooth Fairy" was my first film mixing 3D with live cinema.

 Best Animation film in Spanish Goya Awards 2006



* "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was my first film as a freelance.

Best Animation film in Spanish Goya Awards 2005



* I worked  in "Pinocchio 3000"  at Bren Entertainment. Cool experience.

Best Animation Film in Spanish Goya Awards 2004



* My first film was the first 3D spanish film: "The Living Forest".

Best Animation Film in Spanish Goya Awards 2001



 "El Cid, la leyenda" (Goya Award in 2003), "Cool Pizza"  and "Donkey Xote" are a  film and two teasers where I've worked too.




        Cosme               Strech Oh             King Arthur            Lacets                Goomer              Megatrix

      Planet Oleum                                     Suckers                                    Ted Vision  




    Short Film: "Las aventuras de Víctor y Garu"

 Acting Test 2010


 Acting Test 2008.





"The Fountain" is a short film that I animated in Lion Toons. I only did some cycles of the old man that is on the image.



 "Los Dos Tarros" was a Dygra Film short film based on the flyers of "The Living Forest.2

Banner for the Animum Live!Online web.



Banner for the Animum Live!Online web.


Chrysler "Perez" commercial.

Here you can see some  own test that I did during my free time working in Pinnochio 3000.



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