Roel van Veldhuizen

Welcome to my personal homepage. I am an assistant professor of economics at Lund University and am also affiliated with WZB Berlin. My main research interests are behavioral and experimental economics.


Bribing the Self (with Uri Gneezy, Silvia Saccardo and Marta Serra-Garcia)

Games and Economic Behavior, 2020, vol 120, pp. 311-324. Working Paper Version (Jan. 2020), Data Repository.

Bribery: Behavioral Drivers of Distorted Decisions (with Uri Gneezy and Silvia Saccardo)

Journal of the European Economic Association, 2019, vol. 17(3), pp. 917-46. Working Paper Version (Nov. 2017).

Nonrenewable Resources, Strategic Behavior and the Hotelling Rule: An Experiment (with Joep Sonnemans)

Journal of Industrial Economics, 2018, vol. 66(2), pp. 481-516. Working Paper Version (Dec. 2017) and Online Appendix.

Peers at Work: Evidence from the Lab (with Hessel Oosterbeek and Joep Sonnemans)

PLOS ONE, 2018, vol. 13 (2). Online Appendix and Data Files.

Clean up your own Mess: an Experimental Study of Moral Standards and Efficiency (with Michael Jakob, Dorothea Kübler and Jan Christoph Steckel)

Journal of Public Economics, 2017, vol. 155, pp. 138-146. Working Paper Version (Sep. 2017), Online Appendix and Data Files.

Strategic Uncertainty in Non-renewable Resource Markets: a Level-k Approach (with Ingmar Vierhaus and Armin Fügenschuh)

Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society, 2017.

Willpower Depletion and Framing Effects (with Thomas de Haan)

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2015, vol. 17, pp. 47-61. Working Paper Version (Apr. 2015).

The Influence of Wages on Public Officials' Corruptibility: a Laboratory Investigation (2013)

Journal of Economic Psychology, vol. 32, pp. 341-356. Working Paper Version (Sept. 2013) and Online Appendix.

Working Papers

Gender Differences in Tournament Choices: Risk Preferences, Overconfidence or Competitiveness? (latest version: May 2018)

Gender Differences in Willingness to Compete: The Role of Public Observability (with Thomas Buser and Eva Ranehill, latest version: August 2018)

Online Appendix

Motivated Motive Selection in the Lying-Dictator Game (with Kai Barron and Robert Stüber, latest version: April 2019)

Work in Progress

Bribing the Self (with Uri Gneezy, Silvia Saccardo and Marta Serra-Garcia).

Can Simple Advice Eliminate the Gender Gap in Willingness to Compete (with Dany Kessel and Johanna Mollerstrom).

What distorts judgment? How monetary and non-monetary persuasion affects corruption (with Uri Gneezy and Silvia Saccardo).

Identifying In-Group Conformity in Prosocial Behavior (with Silvia Saccardo and Justin Valasek).