Roel van Veldhuizen

Welcome to my personal homepage. I am a postdoctoral researcher at WZB Berlin and a BERA fellow. My main research interests are behavioral economics, public economics and environmental economics.


Bribery: Behavioral Drivers of Distorted Decisions, Journal of the European Economic Association (forthcoming), with Uri Gneezy and Silvia Saccardo, (latest version: November 2017).

Nonrenewable Resources, Strategic Behavior and the Hotelling Rule: An Experiment, Journal of Industrial Economics (forthcoming), with Joep Sonnemans (latest version: December 2017). Online Appendix.

Peers at Work: Evidence from the Lab (2018), PLOS ONE 13: 2, with Hessel Oosterbeek and Joep Sonnemans. Online Appendix and Data Files.

Clean up your own Mess: an Experimental Study of Moral Standards and Efficiency (2017), Journal of Public Economics 155: 138-146, with Michael Jakob, Dorothea Kübler and Jan Christoph Steckel. Working Paper Version (September 2017), Online Appendix and Data Files.

Strategic Uncertainty in Non-renewable Resource Markets: a Level-k Approach (2017), Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society, with Ingmar Vierhaus and Armin Fügenschuh.

Willpower Depletion and Framing Effects (2015), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 17: 47-61, with Thomas de Haan. Working Paper Version (April 2015).

The Influence of Wages on Public Officials' Corruptibility: a Laboratory Investigation (2013), Journal of Economic Psychology 32: 341-356. Working Paper Version (Sept. 2013) and Online Appendix.

Working Papers

Gender Differences in Tournament Choices: Risk Preferences, Overconfidence or Competitiveness? (latest version: May 2018).

Gender Differences in Willingness to Compete: The Role of Public Observability, with Thomas Buser and Eva Ranehill (latest version: August 2018). Online Appendix

Work in Progress

Bribing the Self, with Uri Gneezy, Silvia Saccardo and Marta Serra-Garcia (working paper available upon request).

What distorts judgment? How monetary and non-monetary persuasion affects corruption, with Uri Gneezy and Silvia Saccardo.

Identifying In-Group Conformity in Prosocial Behavior, with Silvia Saccardo and Justin Valasek.