Other Restorations

I don't know what it is, but I like to take old pieces of junk and restore them to their original luster.  Take for instance this old Corgi Batmobile, circa 1966.  It is the original version and is one of four that I've restored.


This first two pictures show the Batmobile in pretty poor shape. 

One of the front wheels is missing, the antenna is gone and so is Robin.



In general it is pretty beat up.  I imagine some kid had great fun with this.  I know I enjoyed mine. 







Here's some of the pieces after I took it apart, stripped it down and cleaned it up.








I found several sources of replacement parts, made or repaired several other parts, gave it a new coat of paint, hand-painted the wheels and made a new box. 




I've also restored several Matchbox cars. Some people say you shouldn't try to restore them.  But hey, they're mine, I can do what I want.  Besides I prefer them to look like new.