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Rubric: A direction or a rule of spiritual or devotional conduct.
Romney's Rubrics is an occasional publication providing a
rostrum for reflection, rumination and religious rhetoric
by one Rev. Rodney R. Romney, who has a lifelong affinity for R's.

Greetings to you who have just checked into this website. It contains some of the thoughts and brief messages I have written since my retirement in 2000. In my forty years as an American Baptist minister (twenty years at the Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church in Oakland, California, and twenty years at the First Baptist Church in Seattle, Washington) I have been privileged and blessed to serve and work with some wonderful people. Their love and encouragement have helped me to continue growing intellectually and spiritually.
This website is dedicated to them and all my many friends in the interfaith arena.

Blessings of peace and love,
Rodney Romney

A Note of Passing
Rodney Romney passed away Saturday, June 30, 2012, at the age of 81.  We will all miss him greatly.  
This website will still be available, with Rubrics from 2002-2009, his books, and, in tribute to him, a recording of one of his beautiful songs:

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