Thinking Open


Much of my daily work is spent in activities directly related to the design and development of online courses for a joint initiative by the College of Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University. My professional interests are within the broad area of technology integration into online learning and teaching. I am particularly interested in the process of design and development of online, hybrid and blended learning experiences. One of the aspects of this process I find fascinating is how people go about using technology to create virtual places to learn, teach themselves, or teach others. The technologies I am most fond of in these contexts are technologies that are available at no monetary cost, such as open-source software or free online tools.


I'm working on transferring my old portfolio to a more user friendly format. In the meantime, you can take a look at the original portfolio site.



I am currently involved in several projects related to online teaching and learning. The following are some examples: a) the implementation of online course evaluation guidelines based on criteria drawn from research and existing projects in the field (e.g., Chico State's ROI); b) the creation of a process to develop and evaluate online courses; and c) the coordination of an extremely motivated group of graduate students who not only contribute ideas to our daily instructional development tasks, but also implement many of them. We recently started a blog to share some of our discussions and thoughts on the instructional design issues we encounter.

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