Principal Investigator
Mariano A. Rodriguez-Cabal  (CV, GoogleScholar)
I am a research ecologist with broad interests on factors that generate, maintain and threat biodiversity. 

Dra. Maria Noel Serra 
My research focused on understanding the interaction between natural enemies - herbivorous insect - plant, and the influence of climatic variations and the heterogeneity of the landscape on this interaction. In order to predict the ocurrence of outbreaks and the defoliation of big aeras of Notophagus pumillio forest. She is co-advised by Juan Paritsis. (web)

Dra. Luciana Motta
I am a biologist interested in how natural and human-driven impacts alter natural ecosystems and biodiversity. My background is focused mainly on aquatic ecosystem functioning and conservation management. She is co-advised by Julieta Massaferro(web)

Dra. Virginia Duboscq Carra
Can individual genes affect entire ecosystems? I seek to understand how genetic variation within species affect the structure of communities and ecosystem processes. She is co-advised by M. Noelia Barrios-Garcia. (web)

PhD students
Lic. Agostina Torres
I am broadly interested in understanding how some dimensions of global change alter natural ecosystems. In my PhD I am studying the persisting impact of plant invasions on native community after their removal. She is co-advised by Martin Nuñez. (web)

Lic. Soledad Vazquez 
I am interested in the role played by keystone species in different type of forest ecosystems. Particularly, I study the ecological role of monito del monte, a key marsupial for the temperate forests of Patagonia. She is co-advised by Guillermo Amico. (web)

Ing. Jaime Moyano
My main interest is on species traits that confer invasive capacity and the possibility of predicting invasions in order to prevent them. In my PhD I am working with conifer invasions. He is co-advised by Martin Nuñez. (web)

Lic. Agustin Vitali
I am interested in biological invasions. In my PhD I am studying how invasions affect mutualistic interactions and the structure of a native community. He is co-advised by Yamila Sasal(web)

Jessica Cabrera 
She is co-advised by Carolina Quintero.

Previous postdocs
Dra. Mariana Chiuffo