Mariano A. Rodriguez-Cabal

I am a research ecologist with broad interests on factors that generate, maintain and threat biodiversity. 
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The rampant loss of biodiversity and the spread of invasive species have been referred to the ‘Homogocene’. One of the greatest issues in contemporary ecology is to understand how the homogenization of biodiversity at all levels of organization and spatial scales will influence the assembly of communities and the functioning of ecosystems. Yet, most studies focus on either the importance of one or a few species or the relationship between some composite values, like species diversity and ecosystem functioning. In my research program, I seek to understand how the loss of some species and the gain of others influence interspecific interactions, such as mutualisms, the structure of communities, and ecosystem services. More recently, I have started to investigate the effects of individual trait variation in ecological dynamics. A fundamental component of individual variation is genetic variation, which provides the raw material for natural selection and the evolution of species. A ‘genes-to-ecosystems’ approach to ecology proposes a novel avenue for studying individual variation and understanding hierarchies of ecological organization, from genes to phenotypes to community structure and ecosystem function. Using this approach I seek to understand the importance of genetic variation for the assembly of communities and the functioning of ecosystems. 

Contact information

Grupo de Ecologia de Invasiones


Universidad del Comahue

Av. de los Pioneros 2350

8400 Bariloche, Argentina

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