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My name is Rodolfo Venegas Castillo. I currently work as Postdoctoral Researcher at Laboratoire Génie Civil et Bâtiment (LGCB) at Ecole National des Travaux Publics de l'Etat (ENTPE) in Vaulx-en-Velin. I am a member of the research group Dynamique, Auscultation, Contrôle (DAC) led by Dr. HDR C. Boutin. Previously I worked as Technical Director at Carbon Air, UK and held a Visiting Researcher honorary position at Acoustics Research Centre (ARC) at the University of Salford (UoS). I have got a PhD in Acoustics at Acoustics Research Centre at the University of Salford. My thesis was entitled Microstructure influence onf the acoustical properties of multi-scale porous materials. This thesis was supervised by Dr. Olga Umnova and Prof. Y.W. Lam. My PhD studies were financed through an ORSAS award, a University of Salford Research Studentship, and a 'Bridge' fund scholarship. 

Before coming to Europe I obtained a degree in Engineering in Acoustics and Sound (unanimous distinction and first class honour) and the academic degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering (first class honour) both at Universidad Tecnológica de Chile in 2006 and 2005 respectively. My Engineering thesis was entitled Design and implementation of a spatial sound localization model using Computational Intelligence techniques (in Spanish). This thesis was supervised by Dr. Rafael Correa Deves. In 2005 I did my work placement at Acoustics Testing Laboratory (LAENA) at the National Institute of Metrology, Quality, and Technology INMETRO in Rio de Janeiro area, Brazil. There I had the pleasure of working with of Dr M. Nabuco and Dr. P. Massarani

I was born in Santiago, Chile and currently live in Lyon, France. You can find more details about my research and publications on the respective web pages.