About me

Rodolfo Stucchi is Lead Economist  at IDB Invest. 

His areas of expertise include development economics, policy evaluation, private sector development, and labor economics. 

Recent Publications

Psychometrics as a tool to improve credit information,  with I. Arraiz and M. Bruhn, The World Bank Economic Review, 30 (Supplement 1): S67-S76, 2017.
Cited in The Economist.

Does dual protection affect TFP? Evidence from Spanish manufacturing firmswith J. J. Dolado and S. Ortigueira, SERIEs, Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, 7, 421-459, 2016.

Cited in The Economist. 

Heterogeneous Productivity Shocks, Elasticity of Substitution and Aggregate Fluctuations (with Alessio Moro), Journal of Macroeconomics, 45, 45-53, 2015. 


The Impact Evaluation of Cluster Development Programs: Methods and Practices
 (A. Maffioli, C. Pietrobelli, and R. Stucchi Eds), Inter-American Development Bank, 2016.

Do cluster development programs work? Do they fundamentally encourage the essential inter-firm linkages and coordination? Do they lead to innovation and productivity, enterprise development, larger employment, and export growth, and if so, after how long? Do other firms benefit from these programs? This book offer insight into quantitative methods that help answer these questions. ...  Read more

Working Papers

The effect of knowledge spillovers through labor mobility (with V. Castillo, L. Figal-Garone, A. Maffioli, and S. Rojo).  December 2016.

The impact of export restrictions on production: A synthetic controls approach,  with E. Garcia Lembergman and M. Rossi, August 2017.