Rodolfo Stucchi

Head of Development Effectiveness, South America, IDB Invest

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Recent publications

  1. The impact of export restrictions on production: A synthetic controls approach, with E. Garcia Lembergman and M. Rossi, Economía, Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association, 18 (2), 2018. [Working Paper]
  2. Psychometrics as a tool to improve credit information, with I. Arraiz and M. Bruhn, The World Bank Economic Review, 30 (Supplement 1), S67-S76, 2017. Cited in The Economist
  3. Does dual employment protection affect TFP? Evidence from Spanish manufacturing firms, with J. J. Dolado and S. Ortigueira, SERIEs, Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, 7, 421-459, 2016. Cited in The Economist.
  4. Heterogeneous Productivity Shocks, Elasticity of Substitution and Aggregate Fluctuations (with A. Moro), Journal of Macroeconomics, 45, 45-53, 2015. [Working Paper]
  5. Employment and Innovation: Firm level evidence from Argentina (with R. de Elejalde and D. Giuliodori), Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 51 (1), 27-47, 2015. [Working Paper]
  6. Partial credit guarantees and firm performance: Evidence from Colombia (with I. Arráiz and M. Melendez), Small Business Economics, 43 (3), 711-724, 2014.[Working Paper]
  7. The effect of innovation policy on SMEs' employment and wages in Argentina (with V. Castillo, A. Maffioli, and S. Rojo) Small Business Economics, 42(2), 387-406, 2014. [Working Paper]
  8. Does recession drive convergence in firms' productivity? Evidence from Spanish manufacturing firms (with A. Escribano), Journal of Productivity Analysis, 41 (3), 339-349, 2014. [Working Paper]

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The Impact Evaluation of Cluster Development Programs: Methods and Practices (with A. Maffioli and C. Pietrobelli, Eds). Inter-American Development Bank, 2016.

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Working Papers

  1. Mobilization effects of multilateral development banks (with C. Broccolini, G. Lotti, A. Maffioli, and A. Presbitero). January 2019.
  2. Infrastructure investments and private sector catalyzation: The case of the Panama Canal expansion (with M. Lanzalot, A. Maffioli, and P. Yanez). January 2019.
  3. Do labor market regulations affect the link between innovation and employment? Evidence from Latin America (with L. Baensch, M. Lanzalot, and G. Lotti). November 2018.
  4. Knowledge spillovers through labor mobility: An employer-employee analysis (with V. Castillo, L. Figal-Garone, A. Maffioli, and S. Rojo). November 2018.
  5. Are psychometric tools a viable screening method for small and medium-size enterprise lending? Evidence from Peru, with I. Arraiz, M. Bruhn, and C. Ruiz Ortega. December 2017.