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British Columbia

Victor Ordaz and Rodney Hoffman
August 2006

Photos from our trip to BC.

First, photos taken at Knight Inlet Lodge:

A black bear on the shore behind the Lodge.
A grizzly eating shrimp from a bait bucket. (not at Knight Inlet Lodge!)
A grizzly walking beneath our tree stand. 
A pod of killer whales in Johnstone Strait.
Knight Inlet Lodge
Knight Inlet scene.
Rodney and Victor in Knight Inlet
and at the Lodge.
A stream feeding Knight Inlet.
Next, a few photos from Vancouver:
Victor at Canada Place.
Totem poles and more at the Museum of Anthropology.
The Raven and the First Men by Bill Reid (at the Museum of Anthropology).

Snapshots by Rodney Hoffman and Victor Ordaz
Last modified: Aug. 2012