Where I am going

Where I am going when I finish in Vancouver?

This page will tell you something of my future plans, as written on 28/08/08 

Where I am now


If you need me then the number at my home in Vancouver is +1 604 224 9315. The general physics office at UBC is +1 604 822 3853 or speak to Janie on +1 604 822 4210. 

What next for me?

UBC, like Canada in general, does not close down for 3 weeks over Christmas like Australia, it merely changes terms.   I have squeezed very hard and I am booked to return to Australia for two to three weeks in December 2008 - January and that will be shared between Canberra, Heyfield and Adelaide.   The core of the time in Canberra will be spent on doctor's appointments and with tax consultant type people.   If you wish to fit me in somewhere (and I am very agreeable to this) then please call soon.

My term at UBC ends on 30 April 2009.

At that time I plan to cross Canada by rail as far as Halifax, Nova Scotia.   The trans-Canadian journey is about 50% further than the Indian Pacific, takes a lot longer and crosses some very different countryside.  Then I would hope to find a ferry and finish up at St John's, Newfoundland.   Then I would go on to London, which, directly, is a shorter journey than crossing Canada.    After perhaps a short time in the UK I would then return to Brienz for the summer, 2009.

After that, my future is uncertain.   I would like one more posting in Europe and I am casting around to see what is offering.

Then another summer in Brienz could see me returning to Canberra in October 2010.  Perhaps then I will get out my rocking chair and watch the grass grow.   I can't see me doing that because there are still loads of people and places I want to visit in Australia.   I will be glad finally to stop living out of a suitcase.   The backpack has been pensioned off for a suitcase on wheels so the years are beginning to show.   There is nothing to say I will not spend Australian winters in Europe even then.

My email address will continue as rodney.jory@gmail.com

Once, when I was still in Canberra, I felt that the age of 70 might be the end of the line and that I might then turn up my toes.   After all my mother, her sister and her brother all died at 70.   My recent review now has the date of departure after age 85.   You are all invited to my 85th birthday party, in Canberra, on 26/11/2023.   You can take me out and get me drunk on the night after.

I have a pact with a few people that they will bury me alive at age 102.  We shall see.

I spent the first 65 years of my life mainly in Australia.                       I propose to spend the last 15 years of my life mainly in Australia.   I will spend the bit in between travelling around overseas for as long as I can.