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August 28, 2008

Here I am in Vancouver, by most accounts the most livable city in the world.   It seems to be so.    Within the first 10 are always Vienna, Geneva, Zurich, Sydney and Melbourne and usually Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm.  I can pick them.

You will recall that I spent from September 2007 to May 2008 at the University of Vienna and then took my holidays in Brienz as usual during June, July, August 2008.   You can find some details of this if you click here and go to What I did over the last year!.

Then on 15 August 2009 I came to Vancouver and UBC.

My post here is in the Department of Physics and Astronomy  of the University of British Columbia.   I am teaching two first year classes, each class of around 150, and each in parallel with at least two other lectures of the same size on the same topic on the same day.   In other words UBC has about 1,500 students doing first year physics and I will see about 300 of them.  I have a class each day so this will keep me well grounded in Vancouver.   The first year science class will be about 60% girls, as is the whole university, and about 80% of Chinese origin, Canadian citizens.   This will be different for me! 

There are enough long weekends so I expect to get out and see BC at those times.  Hiring a car seems the best way to do this.  The outskirts of Vancouver, the local bus network, reach the US border.

I already knew some of the teaching staff and it has not taken long to find kindred spirits, a lunch group and so on.  This is in contrast with Vienna where I only knew my professor and my class and Sussex where I only knew my class.

My house is on the direct bus route from the city to UBC at Kitsilano, the intersection of West Broadway (9th Ave) and Arbutus.  If you are looking at a map (ask Google to give you a map of Vancouver) go due east about 4 km from UBC (which is on the sea) and about 3 km south west from the centre of the city.  "Lower mainland" is the expression.

Imagine a city with the west facing the ocean and on the east mountains.   It will not freeze but it will rain.   And it does.   They get not much snow but a lot of rain.

The house is one of a co-operative condominium and is of 3 levels with a ground floor exclusive entry.  Why Canadians can't build an apartment all on one floor with perhaps an upstairs entry I don't know.  Life becomes an exercise in remembering to do and bring things on each floor without having to run up and down all day.   It is good for the waistline.   There are facilities for sleeping 5 in three different rooms and other rooms where more could camp on the floor.    The place belongs to an academic on study leave and has electric wires, TV sets, terminals and computers everywhere.  There are 5 telephone handsets (understandably) and two loos (likewise).

The place is all timber and softwood at that.  It would fall to pieces after a very few years if it were built in Australia.

Hence I will welcome visitors at any time.  Qantas flies about 17 times a week from the eastern seaboard of Australia to Los Angeles and then connects on a flight with Alaskan Airlines with a QF number to Vancouver.   Air Canada will fly you from Sydney to Honolulu to Vancouver.   Cathay Pacific will fly you from Hong Kong to Vancouver once you have flown Qantas to Hong Kong.

I arrived on the last weekend of summer, it was desperately hot and after a Saturday arrival I slept all day Sunday.  Remarkably I suffered no other jetlag and from Monday onwards I was as sprightly as I ever am, which is not quite as much as you might remember 5 years ago.  From Monday the temperature dropped and it began to rain so autumn is on the way.   The Australia equivalent is late February, although early March can get quite hot in Canberra.  Thus I will never see a North American summer, although I can remember the summers in Tallahassee, FLA, back in 1966 and 1967.

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