Places I have visited

Various expeditions, 2005 to 2008

 How did it all begin

Europe by rail, 2005

Brienz floods, 2005

New in Brienz, 2006

Arrival in Winchester, 2007

Cyprus, 2007

Scotland 2007

Departure from Winchester, 2007 

 Poland 2007

In Vienna, November 2007

Dubrovnik, December 2007

Romania, 2007

After Romania, 2007

England, Jan 2008

Norway, Jan 2008

Crete, Feb 2008

Istanbul, Feb 2008

Keeping busy, April 2008 


Many of the side trips I have done over the past few years have been written up and included here.  Some friends have asked for access and here it is.

There are other sections still to be added.

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