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This document was written in a fairly short time and collects together the history, as I choose to remember it, of my forebears from all 4 grandfathers.     It will serve no useful purpose except to show knowledge that has been lost, irretrievably, and that which may still be found.   Perhaps David and Kathryn, for whom it dates from half of their great great grandparents, may one day see it useful.

Entries for others of my generation, that is for the other 5 cousins and John Franson, are very sketchy.

Research has been primarily from discussion with others in the family, a few phone calls to cemeteries and a chance chat with someone who had records from the SA office of Births, Marriages and Deaths.  There has been no web research or gravestone hopping.

If anything is included here which is in any way offensive or private to anyone, living or dead, please let me know and I will remove it.

More importantly, if anyone has more information which will supplement what is here, please let me have it.   I refer particularly to Rex, to Anthony, to Julie and to Elyse and Bryony who may be able to add to its value.

I am in touch with members of the Whitrod family and hope to be able to add more in the future.

Have a good chuckle as you read it.   Nothing is meant to be serious.