TE 630 Seminar in Literacy and Language

Program Learning Outcomes
Identify how learning and development theories can be implemented in daily practice within postsecondary education and administration. (PLO 2)
Identify what educational preparation and learning strategies  learners need to be successful. (PLO 3)
Communicate ideas and concepts effectively in written and spoken word. (PLO 10)

Brief Description of Artifact (200 words or less)

 The artifact presented for this course is my literacy action plan. The action plan is a school wide literacy plan to help increase our students below average reading and writing scores on our local standards based assessment. There are three goals to my action plan. The first goal is implementing an independent reading period for our whole school. The second goal is a book drive to help stock our individual classroom libraries that the students can use during the independent reading period, and the third goal is to implement shared reading workshops for our teachers to use in all content areas.     

Reflection of your Learning
1. How does your artifact reflect your achievement of each of the Program Learning Outcomes listed above? 
2. How does this artifact demonstrate my learning of my personal goals for the program? 

    I have learned a great deal about language acquisition throughout this course. Here in American Samoa English is our second language, and majority of our students only use English in school. I have also learned that language acquisition can be more effective in an informal state from television shows to picture books our students are exposed to. Utilizing an independent reading program that complements our reading curriculum our students can engage in reading without having to put weight on the material being used. That way our students can read what they are comfortable with have fun, and increase reading fluency.

    I have been able to learn how to adapt various programs to fit into our local culture and school settings. No strategy is a bad strategy, but determining how to effectively use any strategy is as important as learning about the strategy. I can have a library full of language and literacy strategies but without a plan to use them the strategies are worthless. This action plan is a demonstration of how I can use a few of these strategies to improve my students and my school.

Professional Development
Describe how you have developed professionally as reflected by this artifact.

    As I stated above that adaptation and implementation is as important as acquisition. This artifact demonstrates my ability to strategically implement some of the strategies that I learned from this course into my schools’ improvement plan. This action plan is a supplemental program that will assist our regular curriculum in improving our students reading and writing skills. As an educator I have learned to adapt strategies that have been successful elsewhere to use locally.

Rodney Jensen,
Jul 1, 2012, 11:50 PM