Testimonials from actors attending the previous Monologue Intensive:

Rodney Hakim's Monologue Intensive was extremely beneficial to me. The class not only helped me select a dramatic and comedic monologue that fits my type but Rodney is a remarkable acting teacher and coach. His wisdom and insight made me a better actor. He helped develop the character of each monologue I chose as well as taught the dos and don’ts of auditions and casting calls. I recommend his class to anyone who is serious about acting.
-- Craig S.

I thought that the workshops were immensely helpful. Your teaching methods are very clear, concise and intelligent. You make us think by asking the right questions. You are full of ideas but you welcome ANY input from your students. As your student, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we all feel very comfortable and encouraged to be vocal about our ideas for not only ourselves but each others work.
-- Lauretta V.

Thanks for all of your insight and perspective!
-- Kemet U.

You're so good with everybody!
-- Elizabeth G.

Thank you so much!
-- Kim V.


Testimonials from actors attending previous coaching sessions:

Hey Rodney -
Great class! Not only was it very interesting, incredibly insightful & all-around helpful - it was a lot of fun too! You've got a really good sense of humor. You have a gift of getting right to the essence of what makes the character really tick & what makes the scene (or monologue) work. You communicate in such a unique way that it allows us (the actors) to make the appropriate changes almost immediately where we just "get it" w/out much explanation. It was fascinating to you watch you observe an actor - give a few key constructive pointers - then see the actor turn around & give a completely different performance. You took "good" performances & made them "amazing" w/in minutes....I was blown away!
-- James B.

Dear Rodney,
Thank you so much for inviting me to your monologue class. I had a great time, and it was very inspiring!! It is so easy to fall into old patterns doing monologues over the years. It can almost become mechanical. It was a big help to have your view and input on the material. The best thing you did for me is that you gave me permission to perform my monologue any way I wanted to by using my body, the stage and imaginary props. As I had  mentioned yesterday, because of my training, I am used to only perform a monologue towards the third wall, no props allowed. So your approach was freeing! I could now actually be in the scene instead of just imagining it!!! I am definitely interested in taking a few coaching classes with you to work on monologues.  Again, Thank you for your kindness.  Have a wonderful day!
-- Sylvianne C.

Hello Rodney,
Thank you very much for inviting me. I thought it was excellent. I really like your teaching style. I have had a lot of acting teachers. It's really hard to find one that brings out the best in you. Sometimes they push too hard and too much causing you to overthink and perform mechanically or forced. Some teachers don't push enough because they are afraid of turning your performance mechanical or because they just think that's the best you can do. I think your teaching technique was a great balance. You were also very good at giving your opinion tactfully. I definitely would be interested in taking private coaching sessions with you.
-- Susan R.

Thanks for your comments & suggestions, both in the class in via e-mail. I felt that the main thing I was looking to accomplish was finding ways to make transitions within my monologue. I could tell that the way I had been doing it was static and basically the same throughout, but when I had performed it before, no one had given me any feedback or suggestions on how or where I could change it. You definitely helped with that and gave me more things to think about. I think it will help me with scenes or monologues that I do in the future as well. I also appreciated the way you kept the class moving and spent an equal amount of time with everyone. That is often not true in artistic classes like this. I will be sure to contact you when I need coaching or help with scene. Glad to have you in my corner & part of my acting arsenal!!
Kind Regards,
-- Gina G.

Hi Rodney!
Just wanted to say thanks again. It was fun and interesting to see you work, and I hope vice versa! I wanted to tell you that the note you gave me for my monologue is so smart. I am really amazed I hadn't thought to physicalize out of the chair at the climax before - it was the kind of note that the minute I got it I knew it would help, almost as if I'd been thinking of it the whole time, if that makes any sense. I will continue to work on it and see where that takes me. I hope many new unexpected places! Thanks again for this evening.
-- Jeanette B.

dear Rodney...
fist I would like to thank you for giving us (me), so much of your knowledge on how to more deeply work a monologue and I got to tell you it was all my pleasure to be in that class with you and the others.. I am much more aware now on how to make my own choices and decisions, when performing a monologue for example imagining the girls with me in laying on my was very interesting. That's one of the reason why I would like to work with you on Shakespeare's craft.
-- Alex N.


Hi Rodney,
Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your class. I felt that you treated all of us very respectfully and like we were pros and as a result that made me feel very comfortable, where I was able to focus on the work, not the nerves. Actually, come to think of it, I didn't feel nervous at all on stage. Have a great night!
-- Vesna I.

Hello Rodney,
I can't thank you enough for inviting me to the workshop. It was fantastic to watch you direct talent and extract great results. Hopefully, I'll be able to attend your upcoming four session monologue workshop and also work in one of your projects someday. Peace and Blessings.
-- Kemet U.

Dear Rodney,
I want to thank you for a wonderful evening. You created a safe and supportive environment. What a wonderful opportunity it was to work with you. It was fantastic to see the transformation after you gave adjustments to each actor! I loved the changes you gave me with my monologue. They made so much sense, and I really enjoyed the life it brought to it!
-- Ingrid S.

Your monologue workshop was very informative. It helped me decide what type of monologue fits my type and what mistakes to avoid when auditioning. It also gave me character pointers I hadn't thought of to take my performance to the next level.
- Craig S.

Just to reiterate, YOU'RE BLOODY MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARVELOUS!!!!!!! :-) I loved the workshop, and definitely want to sign up for any subsequent ones...
-- Lauretta V.


Thank you! I am really glad that I went first because I feel like I had the chance to do my monologue numerous times which was fun and a great learning experience. I love this piece. I can hardly wait to audition with it. I appreciated the class size because it gave me a chance to really work on my piece and that was great. Thanks for your help and time.
-- Stefani P.

Hi Rodney.
I was in the middle of writing a thank you note to you when I received your email. Thank you for the invite. I learned a lot in such a short time. I look forward to working with you again on another monologue. It was definitely a good experience for me.
-- Jovis D.

Hi Rodney...
Thank you for having us for coaching on our respective monologues.. I really appreciated your input and feedback.. Plus, you did give us some valuable information and tips for auditioning which I believe is very helpful and I'm grateful for that.
Thank you again..
-- Rachel T.

I just wanted to thank you for the coaching session yesterday. I really enjoyed it, and felt it gave me added perspective on the acting process.
-- Philip S.

Hey Rodney,
Thanks so much for the seminar yesterday, I really enjoyed it. Look forward to staying in the loop! Thanks!
-- Athena M.

Thank you for today's class. It made me pay attention to things I normally would not have.
-- Amanda R.