Current/Recent Projects

Acting Resume
                    Hair:  Black          Eyes:  Brown          Height:  5’7”        Weight: 150 lbs.          Voice:  Bass/Baritone


The Possibilities (NYC premiere) Man & Officer (principals) American Theatre of Actors dir. Albert Aeed
Operation Ajax Reza Baraheni The Butane Group dir. Noel Salzman

True Blue (premiere)

Sharif (lead)

Strawberry One-Act Festival

dir. Alicia Hogan

Operation Ajax (work in progress)

Dr. M. Mossadegh

Butane Group/ChocolateFactory

dir. Noel Salzman

Measure for Measure


Blunt Theatre Company

dir. Jamie Taylor

Avenge! [The Spanish Tragedy]


Genesis Rep/Spotlight On

dir. Jay Michaels

You Remember Her

Henry (lead)

The Theatre-Studio, Inc.

dir. Dino Castelli

A Man For All Seasons

King Henry VIII

Grace Lutheran Church

dir. Jim Azelvandre

The Chairs


Variety Theatre

dir. Darren Petronella

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare {Abridged}

Daniel (Julius Caesar, Richard III, Romeo, etc.)

Arena Second Stage

dir. Fred DeFeis

Jesus Christ Superstar


St. Gregory’s Theatre

dir. Kathy Rollo-Ferrara

The Mousetrap


Arena Main Stage

dir. Joe Yoga

Shakespeare Cabaret (premiere)

Touchstone & Caliban

Historic Green House

dir. G.Lane/P.Morrison

First Folio Shakespeare Scenes

Macbeth & Timon

Neighborhood Playhouse

dir. Demitra Papadinis

Fiddler on the Roof


Star Playhouse

dir. Ruthie Pincus

Romeo and Juliet


Arena Classical Theatre

dir. Fred DeFeis



W.C. Theatre

dir. Kimberly Volpe

Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler & Avram

Broadhollow Theatre

dir. Pat Zabak

The Room

Mr. Sands

Spiegel Theatre

dir. David Nelson

The Taming of the Shrew


JCA Playhouse

dir. Phyllis Ravel

Iphigenia (in Aulis/Tauris)


JCA Playhouse

dir. James J. Kolb


Emilio & Booker

Monroe Theatre

dir. Darren Petronella

Veronica’s Room

Man (lead)

Lowe Theatre

dir. Taryn Chorney

Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Lord of Tyre

JCA Playhouse

dir. Royston Coppenger



Monroe Theatre

dir. Brian Smith


Dr. Glass

JCA Playhouse

dir. Charles Repole   (Tony winner)


Henry VI, Part 2 (staged reading) King Henry Instant Shakespeare dir. Rob Gaines
Measure for Measure (staged reading) Duke Vincentio Instant Shakespeare dir. Virginia Hammer
Macbeth (staged reading) Ross & Lenox Instant Shakespeare dir. Kenneth Wayne
Operation Ajax (staged reading) Ayatollah Khomeini The Butane Group dir. Noel Salzman
Edward III (staged reading) Charles of Normandy Instant Shakespeare dir. Paul Sugarman
Visions of Simone Machard (staged reading) Fetain & Machard The Butane Group dir. Noel Salzman

Ajax [translation by R. Auletta] (staged reading)


The Butane Group

dir. Noel Salzman

Henry IV, Part 1 (staged reading)


Instant Shakespeare

dir. Ken Wayne

The Birth of the Poet (staged reading)

Augustus & Translator

The Butane Group

dir. Noel Salzman

Frank Dell’s Temptation of St. Antony (staged reading)

Dieter (The Brahmin)

The Butane Group

dir. Noel Salzman

Four Plays by Rich Orloff (staged reading)

Bailiff & Stage Dir.

Shurin Theatre

dir. Scott Darby

Twelfth Night (voice-over/staged reading)

Malvolio & Sebastian


dir. Peter Morrison

A Christmas Carol (staged reading)

Marley’s Ghost

Border’s Radio Theatre

dir. B. McGowan

The Legend of St. Nicholas (staged reading)

Atilla the Hun

CJF Players

dir. Carl Ferrara


  Bear Swamp Repo (TV) Sammy Shahid (featured)  TruTV  dir. Dane Young
  Motorola Medical Scanner (industrial)  Male Nurse (lead)   30 fps Productions   dir. Craig Cooper
Walking with the Dawn (independent feature film) Mr. Cummings (supporting) Paraschis Productions dir. Benjamin Clayton
Disorder (independent short film) Partygoer (feat. extra) Taylor Productions dir. Jamie Taylor

The Sonnet Project (independent feature film)

Sonnet 64 (principal)

1863, inc.

dir. Charlie Veprek

This Revolution (feature film)

Partygoer (feat. extra)

Artists/Media Co-Op

dir. Stephen Marshall

One More Thing (independent short film)

Man 2 (featured)

Second Star to the Right

dir. Sean Fitzgerald

Vicky Klein Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple (independent feature film)

Mohammed (featured)

Rosewood Productions

dir. Max

The Realm of Never: Cast of the Shadow (TV)

Minister (featured)

Power of Cohesion Prod.

dir. Chris Del Gaudio

Upright Citizens Brigade (TV)

Concertgoer (feat. extra)

Comedy Central

dir. Jon Schnepp



Acting & Scene Study

Adrienne Thompson, John Shorter


Sande Shurin’s Transformational Acting

Ginger Prince/Tripp Hanson

  Alba Emoting (Workshop) Roxane Rix

Shakespearean Acting

Shakespearean Acting (Master Class)

Ada Brown Mather


Unrehearsed Shakespeare /First Folio Technique (Workshop)

Demitra Papadinis (artistic director, NE Shakespeare Festival)

Stage Combat

Stage Combat (Workshop)

Rob Ruffin


Laban Movement for Actors (Workshop)

Tammy Meneghini


Improvisation (Workshop)

Second City Improv

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Performance (Master Class)

Jason Alexander


Languages (English, Farsi/Iranian, Spanish), Dialects/Accents (Standard British, Cockney, Italian, Iranian, Israeli, Turkish, Russian), Voices/Impressions, Singing (Bass-Baritone), Dramaturgy, Driving (have car),Good with Kids, Stage Combat, Fight Choreography, Physical Comedy, Spit Takes, Comedic Straight Man, Stand-Up Comedy, Comedy Writing, Improvisation, Comic Timing, Can Move Eyebrows Separately

Acting Reviews
 Operation Ajax

 "Rodney Hakim gives a moving, intelligent performance as tortured dissident writer-poet Reza Baraheni." 

      **Backstage Critic's Pick**

 Nancy Ellen Shore, Backstage


 Click here to read the full review
 Operation Ajax

 "Alternately chilling and amusing."

                 **Four Stars**

 Adam Feldman, Time   Out New York  Click here to read the full review
 Operation Ajax  "The cast takes on a more ensemble role, appearing briefly as other players in the 'game.'. . .Rodney Hakim makes a brief cameo as Iranian poet Reza Baraheni, a dissident who was tortured for speaking out against the Shah."  Kimberly Wadsworth,  Click here to read the full review
 Avenge!  “My critic’s picks [include]. . .Rodney Hakim.”  Sherry Braun, The Constructive Critic  Click here to read the full review
 A Man for All Seasons  “King Henry VIII — played by Rodney Hakim, another highlight — is in finery, in accordance with his office.”  The Times Ledger  Click here to read the full review

 A Man for All Seasons “Rodney Hakim brings a great deal of energy to his role as the King.”  The Times Ledger  Click here to read the full review
 Romeo & Juliet  “Romeo and Juliet are supported along their tragic path by. . .a glowering Rodney Hakim as Tybalt.”   Newsday  
 The Chairs “Rodney Hakim's appearance as the Orator was both comic and demonic. The anticipation of his arrival (a la Waiting for Godot) and its actual manifestation brought home the point that wishes/hopes/dreams are oftentimes more wonderful than reality.” Debbie Starker, Deb’s Web Newsletter