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The Snake on the Stick

The Snake on the Stick


      “Ebenezer, what’s wrong?”

      “Micah, I’ve just been bitten by one of those poisonous snakes!”

      “Quick, Ebenezer, come with me to the center of the camp!

      “Why bother, Micah, you know that those bites are always fatal?   Just let me die in peace.”


“No, Ebenezer.  Moses has made a snake out of brass and placed it on a pole in the center of the camp.  Anyone who looks at it will live.  Come quickly before the poison spreads!”

      Micah removed his belt and tied it tight around Ebenezer’s leg to prevent the poison from spreading too quickly. Together Micah and Ebenezer made their way through the huge Jewish encampment to the Tabernacle in the center of camp.  When Ebenezer fell and could not get up Micah carried him.

      “Ebenezer, my friend, open your eyes!  Look at the brass snake.  Look and live!”

      Slowly and painfully Ebenezer opened his eyes and looked on the metal serpent wrapped around the pole.  Even as he looked the pain became more bearable.  His strength returned.  The blackness around the wound caused by the poison began to recede.  Ebenezer had been healed!

      Jesus used the story of Moses’ snake to demonstrate an important truth concerning salvation.  He said, Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man [Jesus] must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life” (John 3:14-15).  You see, all of us have been bitten by a poisonous snake, the deadly serpent of sin.  Unless we can somehow cure that fatal snakebite we will die in our sins and go to Hell. 

      Just like that brass snake Jesus was placed on a pole, a wooden pole that we call the cross.  He was nailed there for your sins and for mine.  If we will trust Jesus and Jesus only for healing He will forgive us our sins and give us His gift of eternal life.  If we ignore His offer and try any of the standard cures for sin (like religion and good works) we will die in our sins.

      “Ahhhh!”  The serpent of sin has injected its venom into your soul.  Will you look to Jesus and live, or will you die in your sins and go to Hell?  Jesus has invited everyone to come but not everyone will come.  Will you?