Using mapy with UltraEdit

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Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to configure mapy with UltraEdit.

  • Download and install latest version of mapy.
  • Download This file and replace CB.exe with original one in installation folder. ( Only for UltraEdit Users. )
  •  Read the included ReadMe.txt file and configure mapy. It is so simple.

  • Menu Item Name: mapy
  • Command Line: "c:/program files/mapy/mapy.exe" -pn 2255  %F

If you install mapy in a location with spaces (for example c:/program Files/...) you should write the address between quotation marks. Like (":/program Files/...")

  • Working Directory: %p
  • Toolbar bitmap/icon (file path): C:/Program Files/ 
-You can download mapy icon file Here. 

  • Set a hotkey for mapy (F5). 

  • Remember that if you want maya output, you should enable "Output Window".

That's it. Now you can develop your MEL and Python scripts inside UltraEdit.

Remember that you can use mapy with EVERY popular script editor.

    Maya Shelf:

  • You can also run mapy inside maya. A python script is provided for this purpose. You can download it Here .Change 10th line of based on your editor and Add it to your shelf.


Additional Information:

  • You can download MEL syntax highlighting file for UltraEdit Here.
  • For installing MEL Syntax, Copy and paste contents of maya85_keywords.txt to the end of wordfile.txt (In main ultraedit folder)
  • For fast response, close your script editor in Maya.

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