Using mapy with Texpad

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Here is a brief tutorial on how to setup mapy with Textpad.

Thanks Nicola Danese For providing the screenshots.
  • Download and install latest version of mapy.
  • Add your mapy installation folder to system path.
  • Add this line to your userSetup.mel:
  • commandPort -eo -n ":2255";

                 *Add this line at the end of userSetup.mel.

  • Restart maya.

*Remember that if you want maya output, you should check "Capture output".

*In latest version of Texpad, There is an option named "Suppress output until completed".

If you have problems with maya's output, try to check this option on

  • That's it. Now you can develop your MEL and Python scripts inside Textpad.

  • Remember that you can use mapy with EVERY popular script editor.
  • You can download MEL syntax highlighting file for TextPad here.
  • For fast response, close your script editor in Maya.

Maya Shelf:

  • You can also run mapy inside maya. A python script is provided for this purpose. You can download it Here .Change 10th line of based on your editor and Add it to your shelf.

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