Here is a brief tutorial on how to setup mapy with Eclipse:

 Many thanks for Jules Stevenson for syntax files and useful information about Eclipse.
  • Download and install latest version of mapy.
  • Add your mapy installation folder to system path.
  • Add this line to your userSetup.mel:
  • commandPort -eo -n ":2255";

                 *Add this line at the end of userSetup.mel.

  • Restart maya.
  • You can get eclipse to work by creating a new tool and in the main tab
  • setting:
- Location to the location of mapy
- Arguments to: "${resource_loc}"*
  • Then in the common tab setting:
-Console encoding to other, and ISO 8859-1**

"${resource_loc}" does require that you highlight a file in your navigator
view (i.e. the one you want sent to mapy). There are lots of other options
if this doesn't suit you.

  •  Note the quotes are important to handle file paths with spaces etc.




    Maya Shelf:

  • You can also run mapy inside maya. A python script is provided for this purpose. You can download it Here .Change 10th line of based on your editor and Add it to your shelf.