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Professor Roddy Cowie


Hello. That is me opposite - at least it was twenty or so years ago.

I worked for four decades in the School of Psychology at Queen's University Belfast, teaching and  doing research. My research wandered over a lot of ground, but from about 2000, its focus was on 'humanising computing' - developing artificial systems that relate to people in ways that suit the people. It seems to me worth doing.

 There is a University website that covers that side of my life, and you can see a list of publications.  I helped to set up an organisation called aaac (the association for the advancement of affective computing) which is concerned with humanising computing. You can find its web page at 

I retired at the end of 2013, in the hope that I could do something with other ideas before my brain stopped working altogether.   

The point of these pages is to let people find writing linked to the other ideas.  They are concerned with  issues related to the ones that I dealt with at work, but in different forms - songs, poems,sermons, talks, and a book on the underpinnings of self-knowledge. Perhaps the theme behind them is humanising the Universe, or at least the way we think about it. Then again, if I could put it in a few words, I would hardly have written so many about it.


If you want to see what is on the site, the next page gives an index. If not, it has been nice knowing you.