Restaurants in red have free internet and phone service to the states


Located in Paraiso Del Desierto Motel this local restaurant has consistent fair food, clean operations, and a very reasonable price. Mostly Mexican & some Seafood.


Baja Cantina
This Place is a hotspot and very interesting bar. Lot's of T.V's, Pool Tables, Swimming Pool, even a hotel up above. They offer Food and good times Bar.


Black Dog
This place has been described as the best place in Rocky Point for Burgers. Also free internet and free phone service back to the states.


Blue Marlin

Just half a block up from the main drag. The Blue Marlin is best known for their seafood. Their slogan is "Our fish slept in the ocean last night", and they're not kidding!


Burger King

Yes! There's a Burger King in Rocky Point! It is located on the main road into town, on the right hand side of the road. Try a "Mexican" hamburger today!


Casa Del Capitan
Located up high over old town is this perfect place for Sunset appetizers and Drinks, the view is fabulous and worth the timing (sunset). As for the food, well they offer Seafood and Mexican Food and the drinks are always good.


Citron Fine Cuisine
Citron Fine Cuisine is located at the beautiful Las Palomas Resort. Citron has an array of gourmet options for breakfast, lunch & dinner.



Located on 26 National Armada Ave. Cocodrilos has amazing fish tacos.


Coffee's Haus

Coffee's haus is a little cozy restaurant, and has some of best pastries and cakes. The owners have brought a European Style menu to Rocky Point.


El Catorce

El catorce is located at the Sonoran Sun Resort. El Catorce serves both Mexican and American dishes for you to enjoy.



This great restaurant overlooks the beautiful Sea of Cortez. Flavio's offers authentic Mexican dishes and a few American favorites like steaks and burgers.


Friendly Dolphin
One of Rocky Point's old time favorites, a little pricey, yet the atmosphere is excellent. Seafood is their specialty.


Hacienda Las Fuentes

Mexican based recipes. Hacienda Las Fuentes will offer you a variety of Seafood and Authentic Mexican dishes for you to enjoy.


Happy Frog
A couple steps above taco stand and most people that frequent this restaurant love it. All Seafood (mostly)


JJ's Cantina
This is the Bar that pretty much started it all! JJ's has been around for... Well legend has it that it's been around before there was a Rocky Point. When Rocky Point was just for Fishing and a couple of holidays there was the all known JJ's. Located in Cholla Bay, and worth the trip so you can say you were there.


Another American Owned so we can get our BBQ Fix. Good place to eat if you miss your ribs, steaks, chicken and all that gringo food we love so much.


Inconsistent: Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's fair at best. Worth a gamble if you can't decide where to go. Seafood mostly and some Mexican Food


La Curva
Located in town, this is authentic Mexico. Recommended Mexican Food where the locals and 30 year visitors go. Reasonably Priced and good food.


La Maria Bistro & Fine Cuisine

Located in the beautiful Las Palomas Resort, la Maria serves innovative Mexican and world fusion cuisine's with distinct mediterranean and French influences.


Lapa Lapa

Lapa Lapa is located on the Malecon, right across from The Pointe Restaurant. Great place for lunch and dinner. 


Latitude 31
American owned Bar and restaurant nicely built restaurant & Bar.


The Light House is also Located up high over old town. Excellent place for steaks. The owner is a jazz musician and will quite often incorporate live jazz during the weekends. Fairly Pricey and usually good food.


Located in the Old Port\\Fish Market this restaurant has a great ocean view and is very convenient for the weary shopper looking for Mexican Food.


Located in "the strip" this is a bar located on the ocean front and is also one of Rocky Point Favorites. A very Modest Bar with live music on the weekends and an ocean front view. The Bar floor is the beach.


Max's Cafe'
Located across from Plaza Las Glorias this Place offers... well, cafe' food what else? Also free internet and free phone service back to the states.



The Ocean View Restaurant is located inside the Sonoran Sky Resort. The Ocean View Seafood & Steakhouse offers a great dining experience.


Old Port Deli
I'm told this one of the cleanest Restaurants in Rocky Point with the closest to U.S. Deli type food that your going to find. Located in the Old Port across from the Friendly Dolphin.


Pollos Lucas

This Restaurant is on the main road, just before the pedestrian overpass. You will see their large palapa. Pollos Lucas is known for their great grilled chicken.


Pink Cadillac
Old time 50's food by day and wild bar by night. A favorite


Tables outside are on a private balcony type pier over the water in the Old Port. Italian Food served at Sunset can be a very enjoyable experience when the dolphins show up.


Puesta del Sol
Located at Playa Bonita this restaurant is Oceanside and along with a great view is a consistent service and menu


Biggest bang for your buck. Huge menu, friendly fast service, good food, excellent price. All Mexican so enjoy the struggle, if you don't speak Spanish just point. Local home grown business, worth the stop for a quick, easy, cheap, wholesome meal. (Excellent lime-ade! (li-mon-ada).


Senor Shrimp II

Located on the Melecon, facing the ocean. Senor Shrimp is open for lunch & dinner, serving authentic Mexican dishes.


Sonoran Grill

The Sonoran Grill Restaurant is located at teh Sonoran Spa Resort. Sonoran Grill offers great Mexican dishes, great drinks & friendly service.


Sunset Cantina
Located across from Plaza Las Glorias this Bar is gaining a reputation fast for one of the hotspots for night life.


Sushi Sun
If your in need of a Sushi Bar, this is sort of it. Most of the food is not Sushi, however it is fantastic. All food is served with an orient theme from excellent Mexican chefs, little on the pricey side, and still very good food.


Sr. Amigo

On the Malecon, Sr. Amigo's comes with great food, great service and an excellent view of the ocean. Sr. Amigo's is open for lunch & dinner. (Try their bacon wrapped shrimp).


The Pointe

The Point is located right in the middle of Malecon, out on the water! This restaurant is highly-rated with excellent service.


The Reef

It used to be a crazy party place but now they have a great resturant with piano bar and even the main bar has expanded greatly.  Definately a place to check out.