All Renters are required to provide a credit/debit card authorization for security purpoes. We do not rent to anyone without a credit/debit card.
Cancellations can not be done through the web site. To cancel you must e-mail the request to The subject line should contain the name on the reservation and the reservation or confirmation number.

The amount any refund depends on when the cancellation is requested and the arrival date.

  • Once a payment has been processed, all cancellations are subject to a minimum $50 fee per reservation.
  • For cancellation of a reservation 31+ days before arrival, the cancellation fee is $50, plus 4% Finance Fee on all refunded amount greater than $50.
  • For cancellation of a reservation 15 - 30 days before arrival, the cancellation fee is 30% of the total invoice amount. 
  • There is no refund for any cancellation request of a reservation within 14 days of arrival.

There is no refund for reservation where the guest does not arrive.

There is no refund for early check out.

No refunds will be given to any guest who is cautioned and/or evicted by the management, resort security or local police for violations of the resort's rules for guests.

Management reserves the right to issue refunds in the form of check made payable to the individual on the reservation and to mail it within 14 days of refund date.

Important: If you cancel a reservation you will receive a cancellation notice via e-mail. Please make sure you receive a notice of cancellation.


  • Guest may reschedule each reservation one time at no cost. Any subsequent reschedule is subject to an additional $20 fee.
  • Changes in reservations are subject to current rates. If you need to reschedule a stay you will be credited the amount of your prior reservation towards the new one. Any difference in price will need to be paid.
  • If rescheduling of a reservation is done within the period that would have resulted in a cancellation fee, then amount of that fee will be applied towards any subsequent cancellations.   This means you can not change a reservation out to a further date, and then later cancel the reservation and avoid the initial fees.
  • Any refunds that are the result of rescheduling are subject to a 3% finance fee.

Security/Damage Deposit

  • All reservations require a security/damage deposit (homes: $400, condos: $250).
  • For guests paying with a credit card, the deposit is not pre-deducted however management reserves the right to instantly assess a fee up to this amount and to deduct it from your credit card for any damage to the property.
  • Additionally, the person whose name appears on the reservation can and will be held liable for the entire amount of any damage or losses or theft caused my any member of his/her party.
  • Reservations paid by check or cash require the security deposit be paid in advance as well. Guests will be issued a refund 15 days after last night of stay.

Future Discounts and Sales Specials

  • Management reserves the right to offers rentals at various rates based on current and perceived future market conditions. No obligation exists or is implied to reduce an existing reservation rate to match a lower rate being currently offered.
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