Doug Olson, President

Wyoming Federation of Garden Clubs

My theme for my term (2013 - 2015) as Wyoming State Garden Club President is "Tools for a Changing Environment".  Gardeners in Wyoming are very adaptable.  We go from many changing environments - fire to drought, rain(hopefully), wind and early frost.  We have to change our gardening techniques every year and then often, daily. 

 The commando gardeners in Pinedale (elevation 7200 ft) work with a growing season from mid June to the end of August.  The members of the Cody Garden Club may do this also.  The rest of the Garden Clubs in Wyoming, may have 3 to 4 months on average as their growing season.  Harsh sun and wind takes a toll on their gardens and yards.  Being adaptable is the only way to coax small plants, new trees and bushes into a healthy and beautiful environment. 

 My theme works in conjunction with all the other states.  Our National President's theme, "Making a World of Difference" encourages each of us to consider our choices as we promote education in our Garden Clubs, so we may become caretakers of our air, water, forest, land and wildlife.  The clubs in Wyoming try to attract new members by using our knowledge and educational resources.  We gain new members that have a common interest and positive social interactions.