Louise Niekerk, President
Colorado Federation of Garden Clubs

Theme - "We're Better Together"  Projects "Building Community" * "Monarch Butterfly Way Stations"

Just as an individual gardener becomes a better gardener when involved with a garden club, likewise, garden clubs can become better clubs when involved with our state federation. Yes, there IS strength in numbers, and many heads ARE better than one. Why is community better?   A gardener community is more that individuals having a particular interest in common. Rather, a gardener community is something deeper, more intimate, more powerful – a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of having common attitudes, interests, and sense of purpose. Different garden clubs provide different streams of support – they each possess unique sources of strength, inspiration, companionship and connection. And these are as vital, and nourishing, as food. Just as the body feeds itself with food, the soul nourishes itself with community. You don’t have to stand alone.


Another project I will be supporting is encouraging members to plant monarch way stations. Each fall, hundreds of millions of monarch butterflies migrate from the United States and Canada to overwintering areas in Mexico and California where they wait out the winter until conditions favor a return flight in the spring. The monarch migration is truly one of the world's greatest natural wonders, yet it is threatened by habitat loss in North America - at the overwintering sites and throughout the spring and summer breeding range as well.