About Us
Welcome to the website of the Colorado Chapter of the Urasenke lineage of Japanese tea ceremony.  We have weekly lessons in Boulder and Fort Collins,  as well as special tea gatherings and workshops throughout the year.  Anyone is welcome to join in on classes and events.  Donations are appreciated, however no membership or fees are required to participate and learn the Way.

This website and calendar are not updated regularly. Monday lessons at Naropa are currently on-going.   Please email or call Mike about any questions or concerns.

Weekly Lessons (also see calendar)

3:00pm – 6:00pm every Monday (except campus holidays)
Naropa University, 2130 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302

  • Naropa University Tea House
    (The Ocean of Dharma Hut)
    free-standing 4½ mat tea hut with garden

    Practice is on a drop in basis from 3–6.  Feel free to come and go anytime during those hours.
    For more info email or call Mike:   riccimjr@hotmail.com   (970)213-2574

Fort Collins

We have three tea rooms in Fort Collins in which classes/times rotate weekly.
Generally we have a class on Thursday at noon and either Sat or Sun at noon.  If the schedule
is not posted on the calendar for that week please call or email Mike for details.

Tea Rooms/Locations
  • Mike Ricci's  tearoom
    1612 West Stuart St.  Ft. Collins, CO 80526
    yojohan (4½ mat room)

  • Roy Bath's tearoom
    和心庵  (Hut of Harmonious Spirit
    2712 Lamona Ct.  Ft. Collins, CO 80526
    gezadoko mukogiri sanjoma (lower-seat toko, hearth in upper right corner of host mat, 3 mat room)

  • Tom Chermack's tearoom
    yojohan (4½ mat room)
For more info email or call Mike: riccimjr@hotmail.com, (970) 213-2574