Annual Rug Braid-In in Salida CO

The Rocky Mountain Rug Braiding Guild holds a braid-in in Salida, CO every summer.  This meeting is generally held the last weekend of July, from Saturday morning until Monday evening.  It is a great time to get together with your braiding friends to braid, share tips, walk along the river, or have lunch.  Lunch is included in the cost, and evening meals are provided at the site for a nominal fee.

Make your reservations now for the 2018 Rug Braid-in by selecting the "2018 Salida" link in the column on the left!

The Rocky Mountain Rug Braiders Guild will be holding their annual braid-in at the Masonic Lodge, 140 W 3rd St, Salida, CO, on July 28-30, 2012.  The cost of the braid-in is $40, which includes the meeting space, lunch, and snacks.  Attendees may wish to stay at the Woodland Motel (1-800-488-0456), or at any of the other plentiful accomodations in the Salida area.  Please come and join us.  Contact Janet Fox or Jan Watson for more information.  To access the form for the this year's braid-in, click here.





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