Rocky Mountain Rug Braiders Home

Who are we?

The Rocky Mountain Rug Braiders Guild is an ill defined group of braiders located in Denver and surrounding areas who meet regularly to embrace the craft of rug braiding. The purpose of the guild is to perpetuate and enhance the craft of rug braiding, and to share our knowledge and skill with any who have an interest. All are welcome.

History of the Guild

After the publication of The Braided Rug Book by Norma Sturges in 1995, a group of Norma’s former students got together with the hope of forming a rug braiders’ guild. The first gathering was held at Helen Nielsen’s home on January 27, 1996. The thirteen people present made decisions on how, when and why the guild should function. They agreed to keep things simple. There would be no dues, no officers and no rules. Lord knows this was a recipe for disaster and yet... and has worked well, with only minor dissension here and there.

Meetings have been held in various places throughout the years. We have met in libraries, churches and homes, with meetings held twice a month. Projects are worked on and completed at the meetings, with problem-solving, encouragement, and relentless teasing provided by various members.

In the year 2000, those that were truly addicted to the craft decided we needed a more intense braiding fix. This resulted in a braiding weekend in Salida, Colorado that has attracted people from across the country. Although the date has varied over the years, most often we meet the last weekend in July from Saturday morning until Monday evening. Be sure and select the "Events" link for more information about this relaxing, laughter-filled event.

Norma had already established her reputation in the community with demonstrations at various venues. The guild continues to provide this service at historic settings as well as providing instruction whenever anyone wants to learn more about braiding. We continue to have new braiders join, and former braiders return, as the years go by. The guild continues, thanks to Norma’s inspiration, and the pleasure of creating rugs with a wonderful group of friends. We welcome all to come and join us.