Rocky Mountain Chung Do Kwan has shut down indefinitely. 
Contact instructors directly for workouts.

Many thanks to all my friends and students - you are one of the main reasons I have taught for 36 years.  Life is about change and adapting to it, and sometimes rolling with the punches.  For those who wish to continue their training, please consider www.mountainshadowsmartialarts.com.  This new school is being run by former members of RMCDK and you will feel right at home.  Another location that may work for some is this excellent school in Monument from a Chung Do Kwan lineage not far removed from our own:  http://coloradomartialartsacademy.com/  In any event, get out and DO SOMETHING!  You have achieved an enviable level of fitness and skill - don't let it go.  Continue living life to its fullest! 

                                         Best wishes to all,

About Rocky Mountain Chung Do Kwan
Rocky Mountain Chung Do Kwan teaches traditional, non-contact Tae Kwon Do with emphasis on fitness, solid skills, and safety for ages 12 and up.  Practical self-defense techniques for street situations are also taught.  All levels through 5th degree black belt are covered.  Safety, quality instruction, and fitness are emphasized in a warm, supportive atmosphere.  Taught by certified black belts with over 65 years of combined experience.  This class is offered as a YMCA program at the Meridian Ranch Recreation Center in Falcon, Colorado. 
Meridian Ranch Recreation Center  (map)                How to join
10301 Angeles Road
Falcon, CO 80831
Monday 6:30 - 8:00 pm   
Wednesday 6:30 - 8:00 pm            
Briargate Outdoors                  Until further notice by arrangement only
Saturday 9:00 - 10:00 am                
Contact instructors for details               
Weather Alerts
We consider school Districts 20 & 49 weather advisories.            
Generally, if the Recreation Center is open, we will be there!       
If in doubt please call the Recreation Center.  
last updated 24 May 2016         
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