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About Us -

Rocky Head Brewery is a micro (5BBL) brewery set up by a group of friends inspired by the American Craft Brewing scene.

The brewery is probably the most ramshackle in the UK, equipment sourced and modified from here, there and everywhere.. It seems to work though! 

We craft artisanal batches of intensely flavoured pale ale by hand, loaded with American and NZ hops.

Where to find our beer - 

Specialist Beer Retailers London

Pig's Ears, Richmond
Selfridges - London, Birmingham, Manchester
Oddbins - all stores
Noble Fine Liquor, Broadway Mkt
Royal Mile Whiskies, Bloomsbury
Park Vintners, Wimbledon
Dr.Ink, Fulham
Kris Wines, Camden Road
Petit Cannon, Parsons Green
Real Ale, Twickenham


Where to find our beer - 

On Premise - London

Sebright Arms, Hackney
The Ivy House, Nunhead
Bread St Kitchen, One New Change
One Leicester Street, Chinatown
Lost & Co, Putney

Specialist Beer Retailers - Outside London

The Ale Man, Manchester
Cotteridge Wines, Birmingham 
Ake & Humphris, Harrogate

Specialist Beer Retailers - Scotland

Drinkmonger, Edinburgh
Drinkmonger, Piltochry