Rocky Ford Melon-Man Triathlon 2017

I want to thank everyone who participated in the 2017 Melon-Man Triathlon! I felt it was a great success and I enjoyed the event very much! We have compiled the results; however, we had one issue. We did not anticipate the number of participants that showed up for the event and there was too much congestion in the transition area to obtain the second transition time (between the bike and the swim). Therefore, the results have the times for the run, the times for the 1st transition, and the times for the bike, but the last time includes both the 2nd transition and the swim time in it. Of course, we have listed the overall time as well. 

To view a list of the 2017 results, please use this link: Rocky Ford Melon-Man Triathlon 2017 Results

Welcome to the informational website for the Rocky Ford Triathlon scheduled for Saturday, August 5th, 2017.  The community of Rocky Ford has come together to support the swimming pool to keep it open for the enjoyment of kids and families.  Although we continue to make improvements to the swimming pool facilities, much more needs to be done.  The triathlon is a fundraising effort to support the continual improvements at the swimming pool.    

To register for the 2016 Melon-Man Triathlon, please use this link: 2017 Melon-Man Triathlon Registration

To view a list of the 2016 results, please use this link: Rocky Ford Melon-Man Triathlon 2016 Results
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Course Information

Run: 5K / Click here for the map: Run Course

Bike: 10 Miles / Click here for the map: Bike Course

Swim: 250 Meters in the Swimming Pool (down and back in each of the 5 lanes)